Thursday, March 31, 2011

This and That...

Missy, here. I've had a pretty crazy week...
Wacky weather (Lindi's modem can tell you all about the lightning!) and my dog, having a nervous breakdown over the thunder, waking me at 5:30 two mornings this week. Had to get up and turn on the TV for noise to distract him. Also had to try to sleep on the couch while petting him (and covering his ears so he wouldn't hear!)

The excitement of hearing my book, A Family for Faith, is at Walmart! A trip with my daughter to Walmart (had to bribe her with a milkshake [grin]). Photos snapped of me with my book--and the embarrassment of having other customers walk up in the middle of the "photo shoot." Followed my one of my daughter's friends walking up at well, though she celebrated with us so it wasn't quite so embarrassing. And yes, this is my fourth book, but the excitement never wears off.

Strange pain in my right hand near the thumb that hit suddenly while at hand bell practice Wednesday night. I can't really grip anything. My right hand, no less. Thankfully, it doesn't bother me too much to type. But imagine being right handed and having to brush your teeth, wash your face, etc. left handed. NOT FUN.

The excitement of Lindi's debut, Her Best Catch, becoming available for purchase!! (Yes, I've included a link. So just click here to read an excerpt and buy from Bell Bridge Books. Or click here for Amazon.)  :)

Finding out that we need to make hotel reservations NOW for my son's college graduation in May of 2012. Yes, you read that right. 2012.

Buying a new camera, only to have it freeze up on me several times today, forcing me to take the battery out each time. Will probably have to return it to the store. :(

Having a wonderful live radio appearance on the Dottie Coffman Show at WIMO. Thirty fun minutes to talk about writing, my book, publishing and persistence.

Okay, sorry. You're probably bored! But suffice it to say all that happened by Wednesday. A wild week for sure. :)

I'm giving away a copy of my book this week (and so is Angie!) on Margaret Daley's blog, So stop by and read an interview with my hunky cop hero!

I'm also a guest blogger for Sandra Robbins on The Borrowed Book. I'm talking about The Moral Premise. So please stop by!

So, have any of you had a crazy week as well? And hey, Friday is April Fools Day!! Let us know if anyone pulls any tricks on you. :)


  1. You have had a busy week, Missy. Be sure and post some of those walmart pics somewhere!

    And on Friday, the only trick that will be played on me is that the clock/calendar says I'm another year older... It actually thinks I'll be turning 36 on Friday. That just can't be right.

    I'm certain I'm not a day older than 26 ;)

  2. Missy--yes, you're week as been very eventful. Thanks for hosting me at Seekerville. So much fun.
    I'm sorry about your hand. And I haven't heard the storms here--just having that modem issue. Seems to be getting better every day. Maybe if the sun actually shines it might be all well. (Lenny swears it's weather related.)
    And yes, make those college grad reservations now. We ended up with no hotel. Luckily the son had a girl who gave us a place at her apt.

    Oh, and happy birthday Christy!

  3. Happy birthday, Christy!! And 36??? Puleeeeze. Wait till you're staring at 50! LOL

    Lindi, I had forgotten about your hotel situation! I'm going to call today.

  4. This is, like, so not on topic - but did you know there is a town - more like a small spot on some highway - in North Georgia called Between? And the next small spot on the road is called "This and That." I kid you not. My stupid trivia for today. :)

    36?? Oh what I'd give to be 36 again - but know what I know now. Staring at 50?? Try staring at 60! That's depressing with a capital D!

  5. Missy, hope your hand feels better soon.

    My first dog was terrified of thunderstorms too and I remember staying up with her as well, trying to reassure her that we weren't under attack, or whatever it is she thought was happening :) Does your dog hate firecrackers, our first dog did :)

    Christy, hope you have something extra special planned for your birthday! Enjoy!

  6. Edwina, I've heard of Between, but not This and That!! How cute! Wouldn't that be fun to tell people that's where you live? :)

    Eva, yes, my dogs flip out on the 4th and New Year's as well! The worst, actually, is when the smoke detector battery gets low and starts to chirp. My poor dog will hide in the closet, trying to dig to bury himself below dirty clothes and shoes. :)

  7. Missy- isn't it amazing that God always throws in something wonderful to offset all the weird and crazy things that happen. Now I'll have to look for your book as well as Lindi's.

    Happy Birthday, Christy!!! I can sympathize with owning a mistaken calendar. Mine told everyone I was 40?! Can you believe that?? We need to train our calendars better because a woman never tells her age.

    My weird week? Just a horrendous cold that hit Monday, and I'm still down. But, hey, what else is new?

  8. Dianna, I'm sorry you're sick. Take good care of yourself!

    By the way, Eva, my hand is much better today! Pretty much back to normal.

  9. Missy, that must be a relief. Enjoy your weekend!

    Dianna, sorry to hear that you're sick. Hopefully it will be the last one for the season. Take care.