Monday, April 4, 2011

Allison And Synchronicity

This story starts in 1961. The year I was born. My dad wanted to name me Allison, after June Allison. My mother said, no, we have to have the family name. So I was named Belinda Sue-the family name.
I have two brothers and when we all married and started having children my dad would say, "If you have a girl you could name her Allison."
He has three granddaughters---Brenna, Laken, and Meryl.
No Allison.
So, enter my husband and his two girls. My husband knew the Allison story, but his daughters didn't.
So my oldest step-daughter announces her pregnancy. We were all thrilled. She and her husband said they were going to find out the sex of the baby, and they would tell us, but the name was going to be a surprise.
The baby girl was due at the beginning of August, 2005.
June 2005, I start writing Her Best Catch. I decide since my dad never got his Allison, I would name my heroine Allison. Then he'd have his Allison.
I wrote this book in 74 days. When I wasn't at my day job or sleeping I was in front of the computer. I started living and breathing Allison at the end of June.
My step-daughter goes into labor at the beginning of August. Before the baby girl was born all us parents and grandparents went into the room. She said they were going to tell us the name.
She said, "Her name is going to be Allison."
I said "Allison?" I was loud and my step-daughter told me later she thought I didn't like the name.
Au contraire.
None of us knew how God was working on the whole Allison issue.

Here's my and Allison---who I call Ally B. (There's a story behind that as well, but we'll save it for another day.)

We're also doing something fun today. I'm being interviewed on Mindy's Blog.
Go check out the interview. Leave a comment on Mindy's blog and be entered in a drawing to win a copy of Her Best Catch. Then come back here leave a comment about something in the interview. Then your name will be in a drawing for a $10 gift card from Starbucks or Whichever you prefer.

Happy Endings Are Just The Beginning
Lindi P.


  1. Thanks for sharing about the name "Allison"

    Your granddaughter is as cute as can be, too!

    Great interview, Lindi & Mindy!

  2. Thanks, Christy. She's as sweet as she can be, too! That picture was taken yesterday.

  3. What fun!! I'll head to Mindy's now.

  4. Well, Lindi, even though you're children didn't honor your dad's request, it says a lot that the character in your first book did.

    BTW- you'd really invite DC to have dinner with you? No, not you. Hehe.

    Mindy- great interview. Good thing I'm on Spring Break this week so I could visit you too.

  5. Cute story and cute little girl Lindi!

  6. Such a cutie! I visited Mindy's blog and read where you got an idea for a book from a Victoria Secret's ad. Will this book fall into the edgy romance category? :-)


  7. Thanks all for heading to Mindy's.

    Yeah, me and Dc and Lenny and Mrs. DC..I'd love it!!

    Thanks, Eva. She is a cutie!

    Edwina--not sure about edgy--she's a former VS model. But, those ladies are beautiful. Every bit of them, because we pretty much see it all during those commercials, don't we?