Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coffee Revisited

Missy, here. Some of you may remember a post I did a while back,  Starbucks and Other Addictions where I talked about how I love my Keurig coffee maker but had a hard time finding coffee I like as well as Starbucks. Well, a savvy marketing person must have had a google alert set up and saw my post. She contacted me and offered me samples of their coffee. So I said YES!

I received four samples from Barista Prima Coffeehouse. And I loved them all!

Their darkest roast, French Roast, was very nice, dark and rich.
The dark roast, Italian Roast, was my favorite. It had just the right about richness and smokiness to suit me.
The Columbia, a medium-dark roast was still a very good, rich coffee.
And the House Blend, a medium-dark roast, was very smooth and nice. I'm sure lots of their customers probably like this one.

So next time I order K-cups from Keurig, I'll be ordering a box of Barista Prima Italian Roast! I'm excited to have found another great coffee.

For you coffee drinkers, what's your favorite? And if you don't drink coffee, what's your "addiction"? :)


  1. I usually have one cup of coffee in the AM - but my addiction is Diet Coke. I grab one first thing in the AM - drinking one now - and I usually have at least 2 more during the day. "Addiction" is true!!

  2. Edwina--you should hang out with Mindy! :) She loves her diet coke in the a.m.
    I am a coffee drinker for sure. I love it.
    I love Starbucks, but don't always drink it. Right now I bought some Folgers Gourmet. It's pretty good. It was on sale.
    If I buy Starbucks it's the Cafe Verrona. Or I buy Eight O'clock bean coffee--french vanilla. That is really good.

  3. Edwina, I only have 1 cup of coffee a day. My other addiction is Diet Dr. Pepper!

    Lindi, I like the Verona as well. And the Sumatra.

  4. Free coffee! Missy that's awesome :) Oh, the life of a celebrity ;) What other things should you blog about next? :)

    My addiction is definitely chocolate. Although, I like to think of it as self-medicating! lol You know, for the antioxidants :)

    Hope everyone enjoys a fun Easter!

  5. I'm with Missy and Eva- Diet Dr. Pepper and chocolate (milk chocolate only). One for the caffiene kick and one for the sheer pleasure of it. Personally, I hate coffee so I usually drink a soda in the mornings. Most people think I'm a little crazy, but, hey, we all have our own little quirks, right?

  6. Eva Maria, I think maybe I should blog about how I haven't found the perfect car yet, don't you??

    hehe :)

  7. Dianna, I love chocolate as well. And milk is my fav. Although gosh, I wouldn't turn down dark! :)

  8. Yes Missy, exactly :) Cars, clothes, furniture, etc. Don't limit yourself! lol

    Dianna, milk chocolate is my favorite too! But, like Missy said, I wouldn't turn down other forms either! :)