Monday, April 18, 2011

Guest Blogger-Eva Maria Hamilton

Today we welcome new Love Inspired Historical Author Eva Maria Hamilton. Eva Maria has been visiting our blog for a while now and we all are thrilled to celebrate the news of her first sale with her.
I asked Eva to answer a few questions.

Lindi P.----Tell us about your exciting day and especially the hubby story. Can you describe the feeling of getting that call?
The day I got the “call” will forevermore stay permanently etched into my mind. As I sat at my parent’s kitchen table eating lunch, the sun finally broke through the April drizzle and that in itself made for a fabulous day. I didn’t have a clue how much better that Tuesday would actually get.

When my husband walked in carrying yellow daisies, a card, and sweets I just looked at him trying to process what was going on. My mind raced trying to figure out what the occasion was. Realizing there was none, I thought this to be so sweet of him. What a cute thing to do, showing me how much he loves me.

But then my brain snapped as I saw what he wrote on the envelope of the card: "Congratulations".

I just stared at the word and then at him.

He could only be congratulating me on one thing...

While he was at our home, he listened to the messages on our machine and intercepted the one call I had been praying for on a daily basis, but hadn’t received yet...

A call from Emily Rodmell, associate editor for Harlequin’s three inspirational lines: Love Inspired (which Missy Tippens writes for), Love Inspired Suspense, and the line I am writing for, Love Inspired Historical.

I still couldn’t believe it and wouldn’t let myself celebrate until I called Emily back and talked to her. Only after that conversation did I finally accept that this was really happening. And I almost cried when she said “welcome to the Love Inspired family”.

Lindi P.--- Can you tell us a little about your book?

Name pending, my novel set in 18th Century Scotland is due to be released March 2012.

It is a Historical Christian Romance about a freed indentured servant who returns to Scotland for his true love only to find her betrothed to another man.

At this time and place in history, betrothals could not be broken. They were both legally and morally binding. But, how can a man who sold himself into slavery, laboring for years in the Americas, risking the treacherous sea voyages back and forth from the New World, and ultimately staring death in the face to secure a future for himself and his lady love accept that she is no longer free to marry him? Simple. A man like that can’t. He won’t let his only chance at happiness slip away without a fight. Along with God’s help, he’ll use everything he has and all that he is to get her back. And so the adventure of the novel begins.

Lindi P.-----How long have you been writing. Have you always written historicals?
Do you have critique partner(s)?
I have been writing all my life. Although, I started looking into doing it seriously as a profession in the Autumn of 2009. And it’s easy to remember that time, because I was blessed with a great coincidence.
The Toronto Public Library, near to where I live, was hosting, for the first time ever, a Romance Writer for their Writer in Residence program. (Members of RWA may remember Deborah Cooke did an article about this in RWA’s Romance Writers Report in April 2010.)
Having a published author evaluate my work and encourage me when I was unpublished was priceless. And the material Deborah covered was invaluable as she gave a complete overview of the whole romance genre which led me to the Love Inspired line at Harlequin.
And as they say, if you want to write for a line, you must read it. So I did. And I wrote to some talented authors to give them my compliments. One of them being Missy Tippens, who introduced me to this blog and another blog she belongs to named Seekerville. Thank you Missy. Meeting a great group of writers, whom I consider friends, gave me precious writing camaraderie and led to my submitting my manuscript to Harlequin and getting the “call”.

Thank you so much Lindi for hosting me here today. It’s been fun! You F.A.I.T.H. Girls are awesome! God Bless!

Well I for one am already a Eva Maria reader. Scotland? One of my very favorite settings. Our Jennifer writes Scottish romances, too!

I'm sure Eva Maria will be hanging around if you want to ask her any questions. My question to you today is what is your favorite time period to read about?


  1. Congratulations Eva Maria! What a wonderful "the call" story. So sweet how your husband gave you the news!
    The book sounds awesome! I'm definitely looking forward to reading it.

  2. Christy-I do love the husband part os the story. He sounds like a real life hero!

  3. Eva, I see where you came up with the romantic hero. You're husband has it down pat.

    Hearing about your book is making me want to read it now. I love books set in Scotland and Ireland. I've never understood why, but there it is.

    Enjoy this first sale, I'm sure there will never be another like it. (Of course, I don't know that for sure so you'll have to let me know if that's true.)

    BTW- I'm still dancin' for ya!

  4. Hi Dianna,
    I hope all is coming along well with your contest entry. It was great seeing you Saturday.

  5. Congratulations Eva Marie! Your book sounds delightful and I can't wait to read it!

    I love your hubby story!


  6. Oh!!! I judged this story in a contest! I remember it! :)

    Congrats again, Eva!! I just love your first sale story.

    As for time periods... Lindi, I love them all. I love all historical periods as well as contemporary. Of course I like writing contemporaries. But I love reading historicals as well.

  7. To answer Lindi's question, I don't have a favorite time period. I like them all.

  8. Hi Eva Marie, welcome to the Love Inspired authors. You're story sounds wonderful.

    Linda Ford

  9. Linda, thanks for the warm welcome! And for stopping by :)

  10. Definitely sharing in your excitement, Eva.

  11. Eva Marie,

    I've seen you so often in Seekerville, but I had no idea your were from Toronto! I've belonged to Toronto Romance Writers for several years (although this year I haven't renewed my membership - mainly because I joined ACFW and had too many dues to pay!)

    Congratulations on your sale! What a sweet hubby you have. I'll have to look for your book when it comes out. I love anything Scottish!

    Sue (from Brampton)

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  13. Hi all! Thanks for stopping by. We'll have to continue Eva's celebration all the way until her debut! This is exciting.
    Thanks Eva!

  14. Thanks again Lindi for asking me to guest blog today!

    And thanks to everyone who stopped by :)

  15. Thanks Susan!

    I'm not as close to Toronto as you. I live more south, halfway between Toronto and Niagara Falls.

    Maybe we'll meet up sometime in the future at TRW. It would be nice to have a fellow inspirational writer there :)