Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Look Five to Ten Pounds Lighter--Instantly!

Mindy here. I bet that title got your attention, didn't it? Our society is consumed with fad diets. High protein, low protein. The Grapefruit Diet, The Brush-Your-Teeth Diet, and my favorite, The Cabbage Diet. (Can you say yuck?) Americans (and Canadians) don't need fad diets. What we need is to learn moderation and healthy eating habits.

But let's face it, we're an instant gratification society. So I have a tip that can help you look five to ten pounds lighter--instantly. No gimmicks. Nothing to buy.

Are you ready?


Stand up straight.

That's it. Stand up straight. Shoulders back. Chest out. Tummy in.

Yes, we are a society of slouchers. What mothers once taught their daughters about good posture seems to have disappeared with twenty cent a gallon gasoline. Too often, I see women dressed beautifully, only to have the entire look ruined by bad posture. Even the tiniest woman looks dumpy when she slouches.

Good posture also makes you look more confident. Which brings me to my next tip--

Want to knock years off of your face?

Then hold your chin high. Not so high that you look as though you're looking down your nose at everyone, but just enough to where your chin is level or pointing outward, instead of pointing at your chest. When you dip your chin, shadows deepen those laugh lines and cast dark circles under your eyes. By lifting your chin just a notch, those shadows are banished, making you look brighter and even younger. And who doesn't want to look younger?

Happy Tuesday, y'all. I'm on hiatus this week over on Divine Imagination, but I invite you to check out some interviews you might have missed. Who knows what you might discover.


  1. These are great tips. I think about my posture a lot at the day job. I very much slouch in my chair. Now I'll think about it even more.

  2. Lindi, I'm definitely a sloucher when I'm sitting. I have to constantly remind myself to sit up straight. Often I'll sit at the edge of my chair, knowing that encourages me to sit straighter.

  3. I'll have to tell my doctor that I've been standing up stright the next time he tells me to lose weight (then gives me a big dose of weight-adding medz). Hehe.

    I have a coworker who bought one of those huge aerobic balls and she uses it to sit on. She said it helps her posture because she has to focus on balancing her weight or risk rolling off. **shrug** Don't know if I'd be willing to try it, but it sounded like an interesting concept. Thought I throw the idea into the discussion.

  4. Fun post Mindy!

    Does anyone remember that episode of the Golden Girls where they discover how they look when they look down into a mirror versus looking up? :)

  5. Great tips! My posture went bad when I quit taking piano lessons in high school. My family always has to tell me to straighten up! :)

  6. Dianna, you are too funny.
    I know a lot of people who swear by those balls. Haven't ever tried one though. Might have to keep that up for consideration.

  7. Eva, I haven't seen that episode of the GGs, but I bet it's a whoot. They always make me laugh.

  8. Missy, just pretend you're at the piano :-)