Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's Your Purpose?

Angie here: Recently I was asked on Twitter by Bishop T.D. Jakes, Are you a Christian? What's your purpose?

My answer?  Angie Breidenbach 

@ my purpose is to share God's wisdom to help others find their freedom to pursue purpose and giftings. Yes, I'm a Jesus follower.

In the April issue of the Christian Fiction Online Magazine, my column, Angie's Place talks about missional and intentional living. Do you do that? If so, please share a little for others to understand what that looks like for you.

I'm taking my blog, God Uses Broken Vessels, back to a more central focus of really sharing more of that purpose in posts, book reviews, and guests. I know it will take me a little while to get it rolling more regularly, but I can see the thread through over four years of blogging. I just need to do a little more honing to bring back that sense of purpose in the blog. 

My speaking and the books I write (whether non-fiction, cookbooks, or fiction) all have the same theme of sharing God's wisdom. I joke that I made all the mistakes so I could show others how not to make them. But the reality is that as I earn those gems of wisdom, I believe God has a plan for me to share what I've learned to help others. It's important for me to help people learn that our mistakes, negative experiences, and hurts are exactly what God uses to shine through us.

Has anyone ever asked you what your purpose is?

What's your answer?

Gems of Wisdom: For a Treasure-filled Life releases May 2nd, 2011 and you are invited to the upcoming official launch party is May 7th at the Garden of Read'n in Missoula, MT. I realize that Missoula may be too far away for some to attend, so I'll be working on some ways to participate online too. Thank you, friends, for taking this journey with me!


  1. First I love your launch ad. Great job.
    My purpose is to live for God. How that looks has changed over the years. The more I learn and grow in the Word and with people have an effect on me.
    We are talking about the body at our church right now. How you have to have a personal relationship with Christ, but we are all to work together for the good of the Kingdom. Paul wrote most of his letters to groups, not individuals. So we are looking hard at that.
    Easter Sunday we are going to have our service at a housing community. Then we are going to hang around and have an games and an egg hunt for the kids and just talk to the people. We've been in this community for a couple of years and have built relationships with a lot of the residents. It's very cool to watch God do His thing.

  2. Lindi, that is a wonderful opportunity to minister in your community. I agree, too, that how our purpose looks over the years changes. I think God gives us seasons and how we live out His calling does change with the season. Much like we wear a coat in winter and short sleeves in summer, the look may change but the underlying purpose is the same.

  3. Your release day is so close Angie! How exciting! Sorry I won't be in the area, but I wish you the best of luck!

    I think my purpose in life is to make the lives of those around me better. And it can be done in the simple daily things or larger reaching.

  4. Thanks, Eva. I agree that making the lives around us better is in the simple, daily things. So often we forget that, but last night I made peanut butter cookies for my hubby. He smiled. Then he ate half the batch, lol. But I knew I'd made him happy. It was a little simple thing.


  5. Hi Angie:

    I really want to read your book. Will it be available as an eBook? If not, can you tell the type size?

    As a philosopher, Wisdomn is what I love.

    Somehow being asked what my purpose is seems out of kilter. Tools have a purpose. Objects have a purpose. But do people? Maybe people are a purpose, God’s purpose. What is the purpose of a rose? What’s the purpose of a robin?

    Perhaps we don’t have a purpose. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that people should live a meaningful life.

    I just think it is a lot deeper than having a purpose. Does the soul have a purpose?


  6. Hi Vince,

    I know that Gems will be coming out on ebook, but I don't know when. My publisher isn't doing them simultaneously. I'll let you know as soon as I do :-)

    Font size. I will ask. I know I'll see it for the first time on Monday night. My event specialist, Suzanne Kuhn, of is going to be bringing the boxes of my book fresh off the printer to Orlando. I had them sent to her to save on shipping for the author signing at Retailing Reboot next week. So she called me when she got them and we celebrated. She was so funny because she said I should be the one seeing it for the first time. I laughed and said I would get that next week.

    On purpose: I think a rose and a robin have very definite purpose. They exist to glorify their creator, God. They show His amazing qualities. What else is so associated with love or the blossoming of a person than a rose? What else signifies the changing seasons but a robin?

    I think we all do have a purpose and that in living out the calling on our lives, they become very meaningful. Sometimes, it's hard to understand but in hindsight, I think we often see our purpose more easily.

    Does the soul have a purpose? Oh yes. To be in communion with our loving God.

    Vince, you are a joy to me.