Monday, May 9, 2011


Before I start off my 'fun' post, I have 'fun' news!! Lynette won Meg's book When Sparrows Fall!! Yeah, Lynette!

Now, onto my 'fun' post!
Okay, so my daughter and I headed out early Saturday morning. We took my mother to the airport, then headed to the Mall of Georgia, the biggest mall in the Southeast. We were meeting Missy for lunch then all three of us were headed to Meg Moseley's book signing.
My daughter and I got there a little early so, we decided to shop around a little. Well, we came across a store, Charming Charlie.
We both fell in love. If you've been in one, you know how the store is laid out, but if you haven't, well I'll tell you.
It's an explosion of color.
Hot pink.
Light pink.
Neon green.
Jade green.

And many more including black, white, creams, silver.

You name the color and they have it. Then, they group everything by color. You love turquoise? You head to the turquoise table where you find all things turquoise.
Eye-glass holders.

And the list goes on.

Those of you who know me well, know I do not like to shop. Not at all. But this store was fun. This store I could shop in. What a blast.

And speaking of all these gems, please check out my personal blog today. I'm talking up Angie's debut release, Gems of Wisdom. Please check it out.

This is the question of the day-Have you heard of Charming Charlie, have you been in there? If yes, were you a fan? What was your fav thing about it. If not, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the concept.


  1. Hey, Lindi, I love Charming Charlie! You can get lost in that store, but it's so fascinating that it's difficult to mind. What I like best about this store is that most jewelry items- which are as nice as many upscale stores- cost less than $15. Definitely fits in with my budget...

  2. Yes, very cool! Although almost overwhelming. LOL But I love it, especially if I'm looking for a purse or jewelry in a certain color.

    Very fun!

  3. Hi Lindi:

    We don’t have a Charming Charlie store in Oklahoma but there is one in Little Rock.

    The color concept makes me think of different ways to filter a database and see your old information in a new light.

    The color gets attention and gets you into the store but success is going to rest with the merchandising: product and price points.


  4. I do not like to shop, especially in malls, but I've been in a Charming Charlie once and I loved it. It's a great concept for shopping-challenged individuals like me.

    Lynette, I'll mail your copy of "When Sparrows Fall" as soon as I can!

  5. Well, since ya'll know I'm the Queen of Bling, ya'll should already know that I simply ADORE Charmin' Charlie's. My heart goes pitter patter just to hear the name. And when I go into the store, I have to have my smellin' salts aready 'cause I just might faint dead away. Once revived, however, I shop until I drop, or until those darlin' presidents, George and Abe, are screamin' "STOP" - whichever comes first. I have a gift card from my darlin' daughter that's aburnin' a hole in my pocketbook, so I believe I'll run right over and spend it. Now. Bu-bye. :-)

  6. Meg and Lindi, I'm still trying to figure out how I ever could have become such good friends with women who don't like to shop!!


  7. Ack! I just realized there's a Charming Charlie's close to me. If you'll excuse me now.... I think I have some shopping to do.

  8. Yes, Charming Charlies was a topic of conversation at ACFW between Edwina, Dianna and I... and would y'all know that I STILL haven't been? Now that Lindi has said there is one by MOG, I'll have to make a trip over. :)

  9. Dianna,
    The prices did seem reasonable. Brenn bought a dress, necklace and earrings.
    Her color--yellow!

  10. Missy-yes, it is great if you are looking for something with a particular color.
    And I don't know about the friendship-not shopping part--I guess we have too many other things in common--like writing and eating-(PF Changs!)

  11. Vince--yes-your are right. And CC seems to have all their bases covered. :)

  12. Meg and Christy, both of you are so close! You must visit the place, Christy-and Meg, I'm glad you don't like to shop either, but found the store fascinating and fun. I think the fact that it's jewelry and a few select items of clothing is what makes it a simple concept--although I wouldn't call the store simple. I don't know if that even makes sense!

  13. Edwina--I can see myself making comments like you in the near future. How fun!! I think I know what our next prize will be on the F.A.I.T.H. blog! We're having a contest in June-so...
    But if Vince is the winner, then we'll let him pick a place for a gift card-unless he wants a CC gift card for his wife? :)

  14. Mindy--we'll need a report when you've checked it out. ASAP please!
    Christy, too!

  15. We don't have that store here, but it sounds neat. Glad you had a great day! :)

  16. Hi Eva,
    It's a great colorful store!

  17. Went tonight while taking a friend out for her birthday! I bought a bracelet and earrings! :)