Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Christy here, hoping you all have a blessed Memorial Day! Here's my little guy at 16 months old. This picture was just taken yesterday. We don't know if he'll be a baseball slugger or if he'll be a soldier when he grows up. 
We'll stand behind him no matter what. 

And we appreciate all that our soldiers past and present have done, what you have given, for our country!

God Bless You!


  1. What a sweetie!!

    And yes, I, too, want to thank all those who've made our country such a wonderful place!

  2. Christy--How cute!! I can't top that for my post--so we'll leave this up for our Memorial Day post!

    I too appreciate all who have served and are serving now. And their friends and family.

  3. Oh, what a cute little guy!!! You are so blessed!

  4. Thanks Lindi & Jackie. We feel really blessed to have our little guy & he's got a sweetheart of a big sister too!