Thursday, May 19, 2011

Keeping it in the Family

Missy, here. Did any of you see American Idol last night? Wow. What fun! And my favorite part?

When Haley sang while her father played the guitar. He was really good! And I know he must've been so proud. But I'm sure it had to have been difficult for him when she slipped and fell. He hung in there, and so did she. She hopped up and kept performing. Afterward, he said he wanted to go check on her!

It was so sweet to see them together. To imagine how much fun the family must have sharing their love of music.

I voted like crazy after the show. I'm really pulling for Haley and Lauren (a Georgia girl). Scotty is great, too! It's so hard to pick a favorite at this point. I probably cast about 50 or 60 votes. But I had to write this post so finally quit. :) I usually vote until my cordless phone battery dies (don't worry, it's old and doesn't last very long). ;)

So if you watch American Idol, who's your favorite? And if you don't watch the show, I'd love to hear about one of your favorite family activities.


  1. Hi Missy:

    My wife is into American Idol and she has been for Scotty from the start. She votes for him until the two hours are up!

    I learned something from this: it’s not about how many people vote for you. It’s not about who is the best singer. It’s about how many people you can get who will vote for two hours for you. One of those people is worth 100 to 200 people who vote only once.

    Lesson: spend your time developing and growing your 'auto-buy' fan base!

    Everything comes down to marketing! : )


  2. Vince that's such an excellent point!! :)

    So, besides writing the best book I can, how do I build that base?

    So far, I send an e-newsletter, answer every fan letter, blog on several blogs, and interact some on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, etc. I also do some book signings and hold book giveaways.

    Any suggestions?

  3. Oh, waaaaahhh. She just got voted off!!

  4. Sorry I don't watch American Idol, I hated seeing all those people get their dreams dashed in front of everyone. I am curious to see the new judges though. Are they nicer than SImon was?

  5. Yes, Eva! Much nicer. There isn't much said that's not nice. And if there is criticism, it's delivered nicely. It wasn't nearly as painful this season. There doesn't seem to be any tension between the judges either. It's been a great season!