Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Angie here:
Do you wonder sometimes if there's anything special about you? Out of the billions of people on the earth and the millions of writers all over the world and the hundreds of thousands who do the same job? How in the world can one person be unique?

Well just ask a zebra. Not one has the same stripe pattern. Each has a unique set that makes him/her stand out as special. Some are brown, some black, but none alike. Put them all in a group and watch you don't go cross-eyed!

Several books have come out about Queen Esther, yet each is a unique story. Consider the apostles. All called to spread the Gospel, but each in a different direction or manner. Even if you were raised in the same house with your siblings, your life experience is different due to timing of birth and many other factors. You could live every exact moment with someone else and still be different because your temperment and personality are not the same. The very first time you reacted differently from the other person, your path would ignite an entirely different set of circumstances.

As a writer and speaker, I've lost my fear of others handling the same topic. As I saw with the many varying titles in the last few years focused on Queen Esther, none told the same story and yet Esther's story never changed. No one else thinks, reacts, dreams, and writes just like me. (No, lol, I'm not writing the story of Esther.)

Is there something special about you? Yes. There's a very special calling on your life to live out a mission. One that was designed exactly for you because God knew what you'd experience and molded you for the perfect match to mission. Do you know what it is? Can you see how the nuances of your calling may be different from a friend with a similar call to mission?


  1. Angie, I saw the Zebra and thought, I wonder where she's going with this!?

    Great post. I try to appreciate everyone's differences. Many similarities among friends but we're all unique. It makes me feel better, more confident, when I remember God created us all, and He created us with His plan in mind.

  2. Sometimes we get so caught up in comparing that we forget we're actually on the journey together.

    Thanks, gals.

  3. Great post, Angie. It made me stop and think about my gifts. And about how to use them.

  4. Ang,
    I love your Zebra picture. I didn't know the fact you shared about Zebras. Very interesting!

    Makes us really thing, doesn't it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Angie:

    Zebras are like romances: the same only different.

    Zebras have stripes to look all the same when they are running. A lion or tiger can’t make out where one Zebra ends and another begins. This makes it very unsafe to attack a Zebra in a herd. In the wilds a broken leg in a predator is a death sentence. While the stripes are individually different, it is because they are the ‘same’, that they are life saving.

    I just know there is a sermon in all this somewhere. I just don’t know what it is.


  6. Thanks, Missy.

    Lindi, I seem to have the gift of collecting obscure facts to later pull them out to make a point. I wonder if there's a special gifting called Obscure Fact Collector? ;-)

    Vince, what a good idea! It'd fit really well in the one body in Christ type of sermon :-)