Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Creature Comforts

Mindy here. A couple of weeks ago I talked about summertime and we revisited some of our fondest summer activities. Well, summertime is also vacation time for many folks. That means deciding on those must-have items from home. And if you're flying, that's an even bigger task, what with baggage fees and such. My must-haves change depending on where I'm going and what I'll be doing, but there are a few things I never travel without. Makeup, my own shampoo and body wash, and lotion. My skin is just too dry.

I know a gal who always travels with a body pillow. Yep, it takes up one suitcase all by itself.

So what are your creature comforts you just can't do without?

Happy Tuesday, y'all.


  1. Oh yes, definitely my OWN stuff...like makeup, shampoo, body wash, etc.!! At Daniel Island, SC, now and brought all that stuff!!!!

  2. I do the same, Mindy! All my toiletries. I cannot use hotel shampoo on my highlighted hair! :)

    I don't take my pillow, but I always wish I could. Sometimes wish I could take along my mattress!

  3. My own toiletries. But most importantly, my jewelry. The jewelry diva never leaves home without the jewels.

  4. I take all my own things too, but in smaller sizes. Since I'm writing this while on a trip to Arizona this topic couldn't be more timely :) I always underestimate how long it takes to pack :)

  5. I always take tolietries and an afghan. You never know what somebody coughed up on the hotel bedspread, yuck!
    I also love deciding what book to pack, make that books. this year I have a kindle, so I'll travel lighter,
    Have a great vacation!

  6. I tend to forget to pack things when I go on a trip, but the things I don't forget are all the toiletries that have already been mentioned. Must Haves!

    Have a great and relaxing trip :)

  7. Totally my toiletries and my books.

  8. Sounds like we women are much the same--only our own toiletries will do. And yes, Kindles and such have made a reader's travels so much more convenient. Whether we choose one book or twenty, it weighs the same:-)