Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting Life Under Control

Angie here:
Have you ever felt like the world spun so fast all the shrapnel flew at you top speed?

What about paper stacks, books, clothes? Has it ever felt like the dishes were about to tumble over but you just did them?

Then the to-do list isn't getting shorter no matter how many things you check off in a day either!

That's about how I've been feeling lately. Can't work fast enough and certainly didn't feel like I could slow down to take care of just one thing at a time. But thankfully an unusual opportunity presented itself. It's going to sound a little strange at first.

My daughter rented a carpet cleaner to clean her carpets on the move out from her apartment. (She's getting ready to spend the summer across the country.) I offered to split the cost with her if there'd be time for me to clean my rugs too. And you know? There suddenly was time. Because I made it. I stopped everything and cleaned my rugs today.

Here's the odd thing. Now I'm feeling more in control. Nothing on the to-do list changed. In fact, this little escapade wasn't on that mile long list. Yet I have a deep sense of satisfaction that something in my home is beginning to feel under control. All the dirt and grime jammed down into the fibers of my carpeting is out! My home feels like a new place.

By emptying the rooms, I choose what goes back and where. My home feels so much fresher. Little spots that bugged me have been taken care of while a big job I've wanted done for a year is finished. Wow, what a difference it made in my perspective! I feel like I can tackle my office next. That'll be the next day. But for today I know the hard work of deep cleaning worked wonders.

It's like that with our hearts too. All the unforgiveness, anger, and irritations build up until nothing looks clean. Little spots stand out and feel like huge stains. As we're ending this day, let's ask the Lord to clean out the dirt that's rubbed in deeply into the fiber of our being. The fresh, new feeling is one of deep satisfaction and a new attitude. Sure, we may have something else that needs cleaning, but it's much easier when we let the Lord share the burden. He helps us get life back under control.

{I'd also like to share with you that I had a lovely interview today that's recorded for your listening pleasure. I hope you'll enjoy it. Barry Evan, from Great Britain, chats with me over a cup of tea. We talk about everything from my books to brain donation. There are some fun giggles and some thought provoking discussion. }

And now I have the joy of announcing the winner for last week's inspirational photography from Julie Cowan. It's x/x/x/x/x/x (that's a drum roll) ;-) Edwina, it's you! Please email me privately with your snail mail at angela [@] and I'll send you the lovely tulip photo with the inspirational poem.

May your gems of wisdom shimmer for others,


  1. What a great post, Angie! I love how you encouraged us to clean out our fibers. :)

    I look forward to listening to your interview tonight! (Gotta get back to work now).

  2. Congratulations Edwina!

    I know exactly how you feel Angie and I'm so glad for you that you got to your happy place :) My edits are due by June 15 and then I know I will join you :)

  3. Lol, Missy, that's one way to put it.

    Go, Eva, Go! You can do it.


  4. Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing this!!