Saturday, June 4, 2011

Goodbye for Now

Jenn here. Today will be my last post on the F.A.I.T.H. Girls Blog. Last week I announced my acceptance as the new Publicist for Hartline Literary Agency and the new company my husband and I are starting, Upon the Rock Publishing, a Christian e-book publishing and publicist company.

In the midst of these new adventures, I have elected to hang onto my full-time job outside the home for as long as possible--or for as long as they continue to exist. I still have to meet my writing deadlines for which I'm excited to be starting a new 3-book series called The MacGregor Quest for Abingdon Press.

All of this means I need to let a few things go. Unfortunately, one of those things will be my blogging time on F.A.I.T.H. I've been assured by the other Faith ladies that I will always be considered a F.A.I.T.H. Girl and for that I'm very grateful and teary-eyed. They are truly my sisters in Christ.

As a result of all these changes, I will now be blogging on the Hartline Blog every Friday on marketing and platform building. I will continue to blog at my personal blog as well.

Thank you for all the connections and friendships I've made on this blog. I cherish each one.


  1. Jen,

    I'm excited for you and these new opportunities that God is bringing your way. I'm sure many blessings will accompanying these hard decisions you are making.

    I'll miss seeing your posts here. I'll have to catch you elsewhere I guess.

  2. Jen, Seriously. When I start to think I can't handle my responsibilities and write as much as I'd like, I think of you. No kidding. And it looks like you've just doubled your obligations! But I trust the Lord will guide through priorities and bless you for your desire to touch people with your fiction.

  3. Congratulations on your new position with Hartline and your new company! God is blessing you and it is exciting!

    I will miss your blogs here but will try and catch you on Hartline!


  4. We're going to miss your posts, Jenn. But we're always here cheering you on!

  5. I agree with Missy, the Faith Girls will always be here cheering you on!
    May God Bless your path.

  6. Jenn,
    We love you! We'll be praying for you and your family. And yes, you will always be a F.A.I.T.H. girl! I know what you're doing will bless so many people.

  7. Jenn, will miss you here! Congrats on your new position(s) and blessings on you and your family!
    Hope I can catch you elsewhere!

  8. Dianna, Edwina & Jackie,

    I appreciate all your support and encouragement. Yes, catch me on the Hartline Blog or on my personal blog.


  9. Debra,

    Glad my craziness can be an inspiration to someone else. Sometimes I wonder what I've gotten myself into with all these commitments and then God reminds me.

  10. Missy, Lindi & Christy,

    Thank you for everything! We'll be staying in touch on the loop and I'll be seeing you at conferences and retreats! Love you all.

  11. Jenn,

    We'll miss you here, but all things must be done in moderation and you are making a wise choice. Go get 'em, tiger :-)

  12. Congratulations on all the great things that are coming to you Jennifer! I agree with everyone that we will miss you here. Hope to stay in touch elsewhere! Good luck to you and God Bless!