Thursday, June 16, 2011

Got My Baby Back!

Missy, here. I got my baby back on Wednesday! My MacBook Pro. I've been without it since this past Thursday, so almost a week! But I have a brand new screen, no crack. And I'm thrilled. Even more thrilled it was covered by the warranty. (It was not from a drop or anything.)

I'm also proud to say that I managed not to sob and hug it to my chest when the young man carried it out. I did admit to him, though, that it's been an extremely difficult week. :)

Am I the only one addicted to my computer? Thankfully, I had my daughter's laptop to work on this past week. But her trackpad is terribly stiff and difficult to click. I had to use a mouse. I also didn't have my files other than the few I made sure to put on a flash drive. Needless to say, it was a long week!

So what about you? Attached to your computer? Protective? (I thought they'd have to pry mine out of my hands when I dropped it off!) As a writer, I feel like my life is on this thing (even with a backup external drive).

So share with us. How hooked are you on your computer?


  1. Dare I admit my laptop has a name? Her name is Lila. She's even dressed up with a pretty purple cover. My life is on this laptop but she's starting to show her age. Letters on keys are wearing off, little cracks in the body, and sometimes she walks a little slow and has to use her cane. But I love her. She's who I tell all my stories and inner thoughts to when I just need to "chat". She's who stays up through the night with me. She's who has helped me reach a dream and is racing with me to the next one. Yes, I would deeply mourn Lila if something happened to her.

  2. okay. I'm feeling better now. Mine doesn't have a name.


    hehe :)

  3. I cannot live without a computer. Due to the nature of my work I am on the computer a lot, the thing I find is that I love my work so I don't even realize how much time I actually do spend on this thing :)

  4. I think my family thinks I'm addicted! Me--not sure. But it's how we communicate. I'd be lost without it.

  5. Im pretty addicted to my computer I'd be lost without it.

  6. We do depend on it for our work. And for online communication with our writer friends and readers. It does seem like a lifeline sometime!