Sunday, June 19, 2011

In Search of the Great Chicken Salad

Christy here, and first, I want to wish all of you fathers out there a wonderful Father's Day! You are a blessing to our lives and you are so very important to your children and your wives, the leaders of the home. We honor you today!

One thing that made my husband happy last week was that I cooked.

Yes, ME. I cooked.

Sometimes, Billy doesn't think I know where our kitchen is. And half the time, it's to heat something up in the microwave or the toaster oven (I love the toaster oven! Almost as much as my coffee maker!)

Anyway.... One thing I love is chicken salad sandwiches. However, chicken salad does not come cheap when you buy it at a restaurant. Of course, nothing is cheap when you eat out, and I am trying to save money. So, I decided I would make my own chicken salad sandwiches so we could enjoy them all week long. Here's my recipe:

* 3-4 boneless chicken breasts, baked, lightly seasoned with butter, sea salt and pepper. cut and shredded.
* Good mayonnaise
* celery, cut into bite-size pieces
* sweet apple chopped
* walnuts
* O'Charley's honey mustard dressing (the secret ingredient)

You basically have to guess on how much of each added ingredient you will need. I just "eye-ball it" as Rachel Ray suggests.

Then, mix all together. Go lite on the Mayo if you are adding the honey mustard dressing. The honey mustard adds a sweetness to the chicken salad that really tastes great, although I didn't think it would be good at first. (The honey mustard was an addition my husband suggested - and he was right, it was great!)

Next week, I'll share a couple of other discoveries I've made as far a restaurant purchased chicken salad. It's been a lunch time adventure for me.  I know, I'm a geek.  Anyway, you know you are interested, so I'll include you on my journey next week ;0)

What about you? Do you have a good chicken salad sandwich recipe to share?

Christy LaShea Smith
2009 Genesis Winner, Contemporary Romance Category


  1. Christy,

    I'm like you - I love a really good chicken salad. I make one very much like yours - although I haven't added the honey mustard dressing. I'll try that next time. The other ingredient that I add is red (or green if you'd prefer) seedless grapes. It's a great addition with the apples and chopped walnuts or pecans.

  2. Hi Edwina,

    Yes, grapes are good too. At first I thought you were going to say onion. I like onion, but not so much in my chicken salad :)

  3. One of my favorites has finely chopped celery and green peppers. Then in addition to the mayo, you add cream cheese. Oh, my! It's to die for.

    Usually, though, I just buy it at Ingles! The one made with rotisserie chicken is amazing.

  4. Missy,
    that sounds good! No sweetness to that, but oooh, cream cheese! love it!

  5. I like to have Lenny cook chicken on the grill to use to make chicken salad. It's really good!

  6. Nope I don't recall having a great chicken salad recipe. Your's sounds great I can't wait to try it out!

  7. Missy that sounds delicious maybe I will try that the next time I have a chicken salad.

  8. I love chicken salad and never feel like mine is perfect! I have added sour cream (one restaurant told me that was their secret). I now plan to try the Cream Cheese and/or honey mustard. Thanks, Christy!!

  9. The recipe with the cream cheese is great for entertaining. It's a little thick, so you press it in a bowl lined with Saran wrap to mold it. Then turn it out on a plate and serve with crackers.

    Oh! I believe it also has finely chopped onion.

  10. Ah, ha, Thanks Missy! I've seen it served like that and it really is good.

    Lindi, Billy plans to smoke a chicken and we are going to use that in the chicken salad. I agree, it is better preparing the chicken like that.

    Jackie, Sour Cream is a favorite ingredient of mine. I like it with tortilla chips, shredded cheese and salsa. I think it would be a good addition to chicken salad.

    Rose, Let us know how your chicken salad turns out ;)