Thursday, June 2, 2011

Silly Pet Tricks

 Missy, here. Sharing my funny cat with you. My daughter got some new running shoes on Tuesday and the cat took over the box. :) Isn't she gorgeous?

Our chocolate lab played toss with my daughter the same day. We had a new squeaky ball that came in the bag of food (probably made for a small dog, not a lab!). Our dog would toss it from her mouth. My daughter would roll it back. She'd bump it with her nose. Then bat it with her foot. It was the cutest thing ever! Of course, as soon as I got my camera to film our brilliant doggie, she stopped. She wouldn't touch it again. So you'll have to believe me. :)
 And below a photo of my other sweet baby, so he won't feel left out. He's not quite as bright as his big sister, so I don't have any cute stories of his antics. Unless, of course, you count him lying on my feet while I work. And while I dry my hair. Yes, he's a little attached to me. :)
Do you have any wonderful pets you'd like to tell us about?


  1. Surely some of you have a pet!! :)

  2. I do, I do!

    My silly miniature horse, Spanky. He loves to pull my velcro waist tabs on my jacket and then run. As soon as I turn my back, he comes and does it again :-) It's Spanky's version of tag.


  3. Angie, that's amazing!! He sounds so cute. :)