Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Mindy here. I don't know where you live, but here in Texas, summer has definitely arrived. And with temperatures hovering around the century mark already, it's time to hit the pool and break out the Popsicles.

This time of year brings back fond memories of my childhood in Michigan. Back then, much of my summer was spent at the city pool or at my grandparents' cottage in northern Michigan. Me and my friends practically lived in the water. Grandpa would break out the grill and and the ice cream maker. To this day, nothing tastes quite as good as homemade ice cream right out of the churn.

I remember picking blueberries. Grandpa would pull alongside the road, Grandma would hand each of us an empty coffee can, and we'd head into the woods, filling the cans with wild blueberries. Later, Grandma would turn them into jam and the best pie I ever tasted.

Nowadays, my kids have a different perspective. They, too, live in the water, though in our backyard or at the waterpark. Instead of a cottage, we head to the camphouse at our family ranch in south-central Texas. Berry picking in done in April. Dewberries, and no jam, but a tasty pie or cobbler. Then there are family vacations. Sometimes the mountains, sometimes the beach.

Yes, summertime is fun time. What comes to mind when you think of summer? How does that contrast with what your kids think of summer?

Happy Tuesday, y'all. And stay cool.


  1. Summer is such a special time of year and you captured it beautifully in your post!

    I remember an aunt of mine in Nova Scotia who made the best blueberry pie I've ever tasted from hand-picked blueberries. There must be something special with wild or home-grown blueberries :)

    One thing that always comes to mind about summer is picnics. Growing up we got together with our extended family weekly at a conservation area for picnics! Meaning of course we spent the whole day there, from breakfast until sundown :) Great memories! I can only hope to pass along great times for my daughter to remember fondly :)

  2. I always think of summer as a busy time of the year. But that it is way more fun than the school year. My family and I love going on camping trips.

  3. When I was a kid...I think of sleeping late and going swimming at our neighborhood pool. Roasting myself with baby oil and iodine to get a tan on my pale, freckled skin! LOL

    Nowadays...I think of my kids sleeping late. Grilling out and eating on the deck if it's not too hot. Going to the beach for vacation (and eating lots of seafood!). Sitting under an umbrella, reading on the beach. Ahhh....

  4. You're right, Eva, it must be those wild blueberries. Much more flavorful. I bet those picnics were a blast. Potluck and playing with cousins. It doens't get much better than that.

  5. Rose, you must live in a cooler climate. I love camping, however, in Texas, that would be torture right now. Though I could totally get into a camping trip say at Yellowstone.

  6. Missy, can I join you on that beach? Sans the baby oil, of course. Can you believe we used to do that? Never heard about the iodine though.

  7. Mindy, we added in the iodine. I guess it tinted our skin so we thought we looked darker! LOL

  8. I always think of going to my grandmother's house. They had a big farm in Ohio. We would pick tomatoes straight off the vine, and we had these itty bitty Morton salt shakers and we would sit on the stoop and eat tomatoes.
    Thanks for the memories.