Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whatcha Been Watchin'?

I love to watch movies. I love to study movies. My family hates the fact that I do the latter.

I drive them crazy talking through the plot as the movie is playing, hollering out when I get excited to figure out what's probably going to happen. They now just pause the DVD/Netflix, stare at me with the evil eye, and wait for me to hush up. :) My kids have been known to make threats--saying that if I do it one more time, they're going to stop watching.

Do you do this, too? Is this a hazard of being a writer or a frequent movie watcher? And while I'm pelting you with questions, what's your favorite movie? What movies have you seen lately?

I was just re-watching Pride & Prejudice while writing this post! (Although I like the older Masterpiece version better.) Also recently watched Jane Eyre.


  1. Hi Missy:

    If you have the DVD of “Pride and Prejudice”, I hope you watched the directors comments on the making of the movie. It’s amazing.

    I don’t think they will make a better “Pride and Prejudice” than the “Knightly” version! I just love her. And I loved seeing that pig walk by in the outdoor passage way.

    One of my favorite movies ever is now playing “Midnight in Paris” by Woody Allen. I’ve seen it four times already and hope I can see it many more on the big screen.

    Watch how Allen sets a scene that in a few words sets the story up: a set-up that would take pages of text in a novel. Watch transitions from scene to scene. Watch how easily the hero goes back in time with no special effects. Watch how to be doing three or four things at once in just minutes. Allen is a genius. He is a novel writer’s director. He loves the same writers that I do.

    I hope you have seen it.


  2. Missy, I would love to watch a movie with you! We sound very similar :)

    Vince, I've heard great things about that movie too, but haven't had a chance to see it yet!

    My husband and I just watched The Social Network and it took us far longer to watch it than the running time since we had to pause it so many times to discuss people and events :) I love smart movies! Could always use more of those!

  3. Just saw Super 8....not usually my type movie. However, grandson wanted to go to theater that serves great food, and I wanted to see Elle Fanning 'cause she is a local and her Mom/my daughter are same age....and we knew her grandparents as well. My husband and grandson love to watch movies over and over; I usually do not.
    Thanks for the tip, Vince; that movie is playing very close by so hope to catch it.

  4. I watched Persuasion last week, one of my faves. And I might indulge in a full-fledged Austen fest now that I've turned in my book!

  5. I just watch movies and my most recent movie I've watched is Pirates of the Carribean: The Dead Man's Chest. There is not really any hazard is movie watching because I don't do it often. My favorite movie is probably She's the Man.

  6. I'm sorry I never chimed in on Thursday! I was in New York at the Romance Writers of America conference. And I never got online the whole week! Took a vacation from the Internet and also saved $16 a day. :)

    Thanks for sharing your movies!

    Vince, I haven't seen that movie! Will go see if I can get it on Netflix yet.

    Eva, I also need to watch Social Network. It was up for so many awards (and won some, didn't it?). Must be great.

    Jackie, my kids are dying to see Super 8. The previews were amazing. I'm sure I'll take them soon.

    Rose, I've only seen the first Pirates movie. I'll have to check out the others, as well as She's the Man. :)

    Maureen, I loved that one as well! Congrats on turning in your book!

    Thanks for all these recommendations!