Friday, July 15, 2011

Disney - Let the Adventure Begin!

Christy here, and while Disney's goal is to "Let the Memories Begin," they also want to "Let the Adventure Begin!"

Stars Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse at the opening show at Animal Kingdom

Don't we want the same things as authors? As readers?

My daughter and I on the Animal Kingdom Safari - So much fun & so many animals to see!

Peter Pan, a story and a character full of action and adventure!
When I pick up a book or sit down to watch a movie, I want to be drawn into the world of my characters. I love stories of adventure and romance, humor and bittersweet moments, but all in all, I want a happy ending. That's another thing Disney gives us, a "Happily Ever After," each time we step into the Disney World.

When writing, I want to develop the same.  And this is where the hard work for writers comes in.  Not only do you provide special setting, including scents, views and touch, but you must have each character at the top of their performance and know the Point of View of each character whether major or minor. Each scene needs to move that story forward. Have a focus and action and tie the story together, bit by bit. 

Along the riverside at our resort the Port Orleans Resort - French Quarter
Speaking of characters, I found that Disney's cast members all had their "game face" on. From their costumes which matched whatever "world" they worked in, to the housekeepers at the resorts.  The service folks were in certain dress and they all acted like they were glad to be there. Even our housekeeper left special touches in our room while we were away, providing a nice surprise for us when we returned to our room, all hot, tired and exhausted.

View of the bridge leaving the French Quarter, headed toward Downtown Disney by boat.
Disney does a fabulous job of dreaming up stories to transform you to another place and time. To frighten you, to make you bubble with laughter and sing with joy! While you're here, there is so much to see. You don't want to leave. And when you do leave, you are ready to go back. 

Let's work hard to write stories that have developed characters that our readers don't want to forget about, that they can't forget about. Write words that resonate and sing the mood of the scene. Make the ending of each chapter so spellbinding that the reader can't put the book down, not yet, not until they know what happens next!
At the Crystal Palace!
I've enjoyed reading every one's posts about Disney. 

As you can tell, I loved my vacation and I loved stepping into the world of Disney for five days. We went on adventures, we rode magic carpets and in teacups. We met characters and saw Hippopotamuses!  We made memories.
When you visit a place or read a book, what do you hope to take away from it? Do you want to simply relax, or do you want a little excitement? And, is a Happily Ever After ending important to you?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos, Christy! I can't wait to go back again someday.

  2. Also meant to add that YES, a happy ending is important! Or at least a satisfying ending, so that I know the characters will find happiness.

    I'm reading a YA Rita winner right now. Actually, it may have won best first book category. It's a fantasy and so fun to read about the world of the story! It's called The Iron King. And I'm dying to get back to it! So, gotta go... :)

  3. Christy, what a cute daughter!!!
    Glad you enjoyed Disney. I like books with excitement and then like some to just relax...the Happy Ending is important...just love to read Christian fiction.

  4. Christy, I know your daughter had a ball. While at Animal Kingdom, did you do the "It's Tough to be a Bug" show?

  5. Missy, my husband was just saying this morning that he wished we were waking up in Disney.... (Or on the beach drinking a cup of coffee - I could go for either ;)

    Thanks Jackie! And you know, I relax when I read a book. Whether it's reading something exciting or not. It's just about making myself refocus on one thing as throughout the day I'm multi-tasking. Have to give myself a break at times.

    Mindy - We did see It's Tough to be A Bug, per your recommendation. LOL, that was the best show we saw. Loved the ending ;)