Monday, July 18, 2011

Lyrics Again

Ha--We're in the throes of summer here in the south. It's hot. Although this weekend has been the coolest it's been in a while. But it's still hot.

Nothing has enamored me too much this week, or caught my attention as in something that would be good to blog about. Oh, wait, as I type those words I realize how wrong I am. My son, who has been unemployed since the end of January has a job. And it's at a fabulous new restaurant in Decatur, Ga. No. 246.
Everyone who is in the area needs to check it out. Click here to check out the website. It just opened Wednesday and I've been there twice. Once for family/friends tasting and then my dh and I went Saturday night with some friends. All you GRW people, we will be going there after a Saturday meeting and while we are at conference. Fabulous food!!

So, there's that and I've heard some great sermons--rock your world sermons--but for me to try and encapsulate them here would be you reading something that would totally fall short of what came through my ears. So, we'll nix that right here and now.

Oh, David Crowder was at my church again last night. That is noteworthy.

And speaking of musicians, the Taylor Swift concert here in Atlanta was postponed until October because T. Swift was sick. I understand her dilemma--but does she understand mine? I bought this ticket last November. My future dil, my step-daughter and I were going to surprise my granddaughter the day of the show. We weren't going to tell her about the show until we got there. Good plan mom came up with because when the show was cancelled mom didn't have to field all kinds of questions. So little Ally B. is still in the dark. But T. Swift rescheduled for the weekend of the GRW M&M conference. Hence the dilemma---T Swift or M&M Awards banquet? I mean really! They are both something I would love to do!

So, while I"m deciding, I'd love your opinions. And I'll leave you with my fav lines from my current fav T Swift song---Sparks Fly. (Of course the current fav T Swift song changes by the day sometimes!)

"I'm captivated by you baby like a fireworks show.
Drop everything now, meet me in the pouring rain,
kiss me on the sidewalk take away the pain.
I see sparks fly whenever you smile."


  1. Lindi,

    How awesome to hear David Crowder!

    I vote Taylor Swift - not because she's Taylor Swift - but because it's for your granddaughter.

    Granddaughter? Excuse me? You are not old enough to have a granddaughter!!

  2. Hi Edwina,

    Ah--David Crowder didn't sing. He was in the congregation. :) That's a fine place to be, too! (Although I always am at a Crowder concert when he's here in the ATL.)

    And yes, I'm all for T Swift. Ally B will be so excited-and I love to see her excitement!

    Thanks for your vote!

    (And yes, I'm plenty old enough to have g-children!!)

  3. Edwina, don't let Lindi fool you. She's BARELY old enough. :)

    Lindi, as much as I'd love to sit with you at the ceremony, I think you should probably go to the concert. I just hope you won't have to cancel out on me for the conference and being my roomie!

  4. Missy, Yes, I may go to the conference, but I will not be cancelling the conference. I love M&M and being your roomie!

  5. Lindi, I feel your dilemma - Third Day, TENTH AVENUE NORTH & I can't remember the third musician at the moment, will be at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater the SAME weekend as M&M Conference. I so wanted to go, tickets went on sale Friday and I'd convinced my hubby to take me and invite some of our friends.... We haven't bought tickets, though, and this writing conference is important to me since I won't be able to attend ACFW this year.

    However, if I had planned to take my daughter somewhere and had bought tickets, though I love GRW, I would see Taylor Swift... Actually, I wish I'd bought TS tickets back in November to take my daughter. She loves TAYLOR SWIFT :) And I think the gal is pretty great too ;)

  6. Chrity, You can do like I'll do--go to the conference then skip out about 5 and come back. That'll be my plan. I saw that line-up at Verizon that night. All the bands are really good.
    I am excited for the conference too. It's my only conference this year and it's always so good.
    I think you can do both!