Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Reader Choices in Book Buying Today

Angie here: Real questions wondering about reader choices. With the world of publishing roiling from the changes of ebooks, the economy, and new delivery options such as Ipads, Kindles, and even reading on a cell phone, I'm really curious what you think. 

Are you reading or choosing other entertainment options?

What is it that makes you want to buy a book?

Do you borrow books from the library, friends, or buy your own?

Do you read both fiction and non-fiction?

What do you like to know about the authors?

Do you listen to interviews with authors?

Has the economy changed your book buying habits?

Where do you buy your books?

Do you have an e-reader and if so, how may ebooks versus paper books do you read now?

Has it changed since say 2-3 years ago?

Do you like special promotions that reward you with discounts and free books for buying a specific book? (Does it help you to make a buying decision in order to get more for your dollar?)

Would being able to hear an author speak draw you? If so, what topics are of interest? (Such as: life of a writer, the book's research, a reading, how to become an author, other?)

Have you noticed brick and mortar bookstores going out of business? (If so, how does that affect you?)

Where do you like to buy books, and why?

As a reader, when you look into the next year or two, what do you see changing in the publishing world of authors, publishers, and bookstores? (Writers, please put on your reader hat for this one.)

Would you be kind enough to share this on social media to bring in a few more answers?



  1. Actually Angie, I think you should offer this survey through Survey Monkey as a link in several author Newsletters and through ACFW email loop. I think a lot of authors would be willing to provide a link as long as they would have access to the results.

  2. Wow, those are a lot of questions, but I can tell you that I LOVE BOOKS! The kind I can touch and smell. I love to touch the pages!

    I have an iPad, but I never read books on it.

    I still buy as many books as I ever did and I always purchase new books. I love to write in them and make them my own. Of course, if it is a fiction book, there is no need for underlining and taking notes, but many of my books have to do with growth in my Christian walk.

    I wasn't a big fan of fiction until my SIL gave me a Francine Rivers book and that opened up her world to me.

    I often purchase books online through since I have an account there and I don't have to reenter any info. Just a few clicks and the book is mine. However, I also order from the ministry that promotes the book.

    I am sad to have lost our local Barnes and Noble store. :o(

    I have never been drawn to hear an author speak unless it was tied into ministry.


  3. What a great idea, Jenn. I'll do that.

    Thank you, Beth, for giving us a start at some great answers.


  4. I still buy paper books. Buy them online and at my local indie bookseller (he orders anything I need if he doesn't have it).

    I do buy if I've heard someone speak. I went to a great workshop at RWA and left the workshop to go straight to the bookstore to buy one of the speaker's books.

    Our stores seem to all be doing well. We did have one mall store close several years ago, although I think that's because they got bought out.

  5. Love to read Christian fiction! I also love to win books on blogs! lol
    I buy through Amazon and even used copies, and of course, use the county library. Don't have E reader yet!