Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sharing the Wealth!

Missy, here. In keeping with the talk of Disney this week, before I tell you about the giveaway I'm doing today, I thought I'd share a bit about my most recent Disney experience. Last year the Romance Writers of America national conference was held in Orlando. And we stayed at the Dolphin Hotel (above is the view from our room). Though it's not technically a Disney property, it's right there on site. And it was an amazing place. You could walk or hop on a boat to Downtown Disney. You could also easily get to the parks. I have to say, it's been my favorite conference location so far. I don't really know why, but it was the most relaxed conference ever.

Part of it may have been the fact we arrived a day early. Lindi and I spent the first morning at a gorgeous pool. Then we (along with others) spent the afternoon and had a wonderful dinner at Epcot. It turned out to be a perfect way to kick off a busy conference! I also have to brag on the restaurants in the hotel and nearby at Downtown Disney. All in all, it was an amazing week.

Now...on to my sharing of the wealth! I just won a copy of When Sparrows Fall on another blog. And since I already have a personally signed copy, I thought I'd share this prize with one of you. Instead of sending the book to me, I'll have Meg sign it and send it to one of YOU! (And if you already have it but want to win a copy for someone else, go ahead and enter.)

To enter, please visit Meg's blog/website,, and then come back here. In the comments section HERE, please tell us one unique item from her bio. Please don't repeat one already given. Use a new one. There should be plenty. And if you do run out, then tell me something one of the reviewers/endorsers said about the book. :)

Thanks for taking part! I'll give you through the weekend to enter.


  1. Missy, great post. I would love to win Meg's those GA writers!! I visited her site and find it interesting that she rides motorcycles! My husband and I have done that; met great Christian friends that way...still have a bike. Thanks for sharing her book...the chance to win and read her book!

  2. Meg once was a candlemaker in a tourist town. And she's a CA girl!

    Her book sounds very interesting. Please enter me.

    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  3. Jackie and Linda, thanks for entering!

    Jackie, I think riding motorcycles sounds like such fun. When I was a teenager, I rode dirt bikes at camp in the mountains of North Carolina. I absolutely loved doing it!

  4. Hi Missy,

    I found it interesting that Meg likes vintage bungalows! Sounds like a good start for a book!

    Love the cover of Meg's book. Beautiful. Enjoying the whole Disney theme - my favourite place ever!!

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  5. Hi Missy,

    I love the fact that Meg lives in GA!! And, that she plots stories while riding on the back of her husband's motorcycle. I, on the other hand, if I were on the back of a motorcycle, would be holding on for dear life, eyes closed and begging God for safety!!

  6. Missy + Dirt Bikes ? Hmmmm, I can't imagine you on a dirt bike but that's a very interesting thing about you! Learn something new every day!

  7. I love the picture you took overlooking the Swan Hotel. We shuttled by there one day on our way to dinner. And Downtown Disney is a lot of fun. We did our shopping there. I love that you can go from place to place by boat.

  8. Motorcycles *are* fun! And I keep my eyes open for vintage bungalows as we go, so I'm enjoying two pastimes at once. Three, if you count plotting. :)

    Thanks for doing the giveaway, Missy. I'll check back later to see whose name you draw.

  9. lol Edwina!

    Missy, I'm sure Meg must have a lot of stories after moving away from home as a teenager :)

    Christy, glad you had a great time on your vacation :)

  10. Sue, Edwina and Eva Maria, I have you entered!

    Although I'm still laughing at the picture of Edwina holding on for dear life and praying. :)

    Christy, I loved those trail bikes! Well, until I crashed and had the hot engine land on my leg, burning me! Then again, it didn't stop me. I kept riding them. LOL

  11. Meg, thanks for stopping by and for sharing my prize with readers!

  12. I'm sorry I never posted the winner! It slipped my mind this week as we prepared for my kids having their widsom teeth extracted.

    Sue, you're the winner of a signed copy of When Sparrows Fall! I'll email you to get your addy. :)

  13. Sue, the book will be on its way to you ASAP. Thanks for entering, everybody, and thanks to Missy for hosting the drawing!