Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Art of Relaxation

Missy, here. How do you relax? Are you any good at it?

I do a pretty good job. One way is by spending some time each morning over my coffee. As soon as I wake up, I feed the dogs. I have to or they'll drive me crazy. (My chocolate lab acts like a herding breed and bumps me toward the dog dishes.)    :-)

Once I do that, then I'm on autopilot: I make coffee. And don't let anything throw me off from that routine! I'll be out of whack for the whole day if I don't get my coffee fix.

It's not the caffeine. I don't feel a kick or anything like that. It's the flavor. It's the sitting in front of the TV with Good Morning America on. It's taking some time for me before I jump into the day.

Another way I love to relax is by reading. Especially while on vacation. This past June, we spent a week at the beach. I packed up a bag of books--5 or 6. And I read them all! I had to borrow my son's Kindle and download another.

My favorite place to read? On the beach, in my chair, under an umbrella. Oh, and with a glass of iced tea. :-)

What about you? How do you relax? Is it something you should work on?


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  1. Missy, it's hard for me to relax when I'm at home. Too many things vying for my time and attention. Our ranch seems to be a good place for me to unwind. That is, when it's not a whirlwind trip.
    Of course, the mountains are relaxing too. You can't beat the view.

  2. Mindy, is it harder to relax at home. That's why I love my coffee ritual. It feels like an automatic blood pressure lowerer (is that a word??). :)

  3. I try to take some time every night when the house is quiet to relax and unwind from the day before going to bed. Although call me crazy, but I spent about a half hour today de-weeding my lawn and it was so relaxing to be out in nature :)

  4. Eva Maria, that's not crazy. Although, if we did that here right now, we'd have a heat stroke! Especially Mindy, who's had temps over 100 for about 40 days straight!

  5. Missy-your pictures relaxed me!! Ha! Lately I've been sketching to relax. And no, I'm not good. It's just fun.

  6. Lindi, I've done that before, too! Bought a set of pencils and a pad of paper and took it to the beach with me. :) My dad's an excellent painter (although he hasn't painted since I was little). And my sister is very talented. I just didn't get that artistic gene.

    But I do enjoy trying. :)