Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Bit of a Rant

Mindy here. Last night they announced the line-up for this season of Dancing with the Stars. Talk about a disappointment. They're really stretching the word "star" this season. But then who would want to watch Dancing with the Has-Beens or Dancing with the Quasi-Reality Stars.

Okay, so here's the line-up:
  • Ricki Lake (Former talk show host/actress)
  • Rob Kardashian (Kim Kardashian's brother)
  • Chaz Bono (Transgender advocate)
  • Kristin Cavallari ("The Hills" star)
  • Chynna Phillips (Wilson Phillips)
  • David Arquette (Actor)
  • Elisabetta Canalis (George Clooney's ex)
  • Nancy Grace (News anchor)
  • Hope Solo (Soccer player)
  • Ron Artest (Los Angeles Lakers player)
  • J.R. Martinez ("All My Children" star)
  • Carson Kressley ("Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" star)
Really? I'm vaguely familiar with of six of these people, some for not-so-pleasant reasons.

I love Dancing with the Stars. The show is a hit. So how come they can't get some actual stars on the show? Are Hollywood's elite just too wimpy for that kind of workout?

If they can't get the stars, maybe they should switch tactics. Since many of their professional dancers have become stars, bring in regular folk to compete. Have auditions like they do for Survivor and American Idol. Okay, not American Idol because that would mean you'd have to have talent to begin with.

At any rate, this disappointing lineup of "stars" has me wondering how their ratings will fare this season. With this cast, I'm not even sure I'll watch.

Are you fan of Dancing with the Stars? What do you think of this season's "stars?"

Happy Tuesday, y'all.


  1. I'm a little bummed by it, too, but I am impressed with the fact that they've chosen people that have had a certain amount of buzz lately. Hey, they've gotta get their ratings somehow.

  2. I was also very disappointed. I think out of all the stars, David Arquette, Chynna Phillips, and Ricki Lake were ok choices. I've never even heard of most of the others. I'm not a die-hard fan of DWTS anyway (I can take it or leave it), but this season I don't know if I'll tune in at all.

  3. Christy, I hope this latest cast doesn't hurt their ratings. I guess it'll attract all those folks who do follow those on the cast.

  4. Lynda, I have to second everything you said. I'm right there with you, girl. Maybe we need to become reality stars so they'll approach us about being on the show :-)

  5. Mindy, I hope the cast will surprise you :) if not, maybe the people you don't know or don't like will be out first.

  6. Eva, if I know me, I'll watch just to make sure I don't miss anything. And you're right, I might find myself cheering for one of the obscures.

  7. I catch it now and then, but I really love it when the football players or starts that don't know how to dance are on the show. I didn't like it when the singers who perform with some dance would win. It's not a balanced competition.

    I imagine dedicating several weeks of your life is a hard thing to get someone to do, but I'm in agreement on the line up. They're not really stars. Now if they got Stephen King, Brandilyn Collins, and some of our favorite authors...that would so cool! I'd even like to see some of our past pageant queens, Food Network chefs, and newscasters. How fun it would be to take stars from various fields, not just Hollywood and sports.


  8. That would be great, Ang. How about Paula Deen, Candice Olson, Karen Kingsbury, Ted Dekker, Emeril Lagasse.... Oh, I am all over that one.

  9. I'm not a huge fan but do watch every now and then. I imagine I'll be the same this year.

    I agree with Angie. At least this season they didn't get anyone with an unfair advantage. Those who've had dancing experience make it unfair. Maybe they had complaints about that last year.

  10. I agree also, Missy. I forgot to mention that when I responded to Angie. It is unfair to take someone who has never danced before and pit them against someone who gyrates on stage for a living. I suppose even figure skaters could have an unfair advantage, though it is different.
    Yeah, I like it when the football players win. Emmitt Smith was my favorite. Then again, he was a Cowboy :-)