Friday, August 12, 2011

Change is Good

Posing with my donation to Locks of Love
Christy here, posting my new 'do, holding the hair that I chopped off last Friday. For those of you who posted a comment on my blog, thank you very much. I apologize for the duplication.

In the meantime, nothing much has been going on, except school being back in session for my daughter.

That habit I talked about last week lasted one day. I'm working to rectify that problem.

The good news is, I've been brainstorming my historical. Although my ideas are a little over the top right now, I'm having fun with it. I'm finding being over the top is taking a really depressing story and is giving it new life. So, not only did I decide to cut my hair, and give myself a new attitude, that new attitude has trickled over to my work in progress.

Gotta love it!  Have you taken control of a situation lately and given it a new attitude? Sometimes, change is good ;)


  1. OMGosh! I LOVE it!! The new do looks amazing.

    I bet you donated the hair to Locks of Love or something like that, didn't you?

    So glad your story is fun for you!

  2. Love it, Christy!!!! You look so pretty!!

  3. Thanks Missy! I was able to donate to Locks of Love. I had no idea I had enough hair to do it going in, but the hair dresser confirmed I had enough. I also didn't know the salon participated in Locks, so everything worked out great!

    Thank you so much, Jackie!

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  5. Afsoon, thanks for visiting!

    Christy, I'm sure some woman with beautiful red but hard-to-match hair will be thrilled with your donation!

  6. Christy, how did your kids react to their "new mom"? :)

  7. Right, sometimes change is good.

    Cassy from Guitar Made Easy

  8. Thanks for visiting Afroon & Cassy!

    Eva, My daughter's eyes widened and she said MOMMY! You cut off your hair!
    I told her I now looked like Rapunzel at the end of the movie{Tangled}. (She didn't buy that one, but I thought it was a good try ;)

  9. Christy, you're lucky that's what she said. i got mine cut off when my son was in kindergarten, and he burst into sobs and told me to, "Grow it back right now!"


    I loved the shorter hair at the end of Tangled!! I adored that movie.

  10. Oh, No, Missy! Kids are something aren't they?

    I love the movie Tangled, too. Love the humor and the adventure in it!