Friday, August 19, 2011

Just more nonsense....

Christy here...
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Let me just tell y'all that this morning as hurried to drop my children off and head to work I had the best idea of what to blog about.

Oh, my, goodness... this idea was sooooooooooo awesome.


Heaven sent, for sure.

But now, eleven hours later, I haven't the foggiest idea as to what I was going to say....



I should have come straight home and blogged. The problem is, as soon as I had the thought, it just flew away, just like those dandelion fuzzies that you blow into the wind.



I thought if I blogged this, just a little nonsense, the idea would come back to me.

Nope. Nada. Zilch.

I'm empty.

Not even my 6 o'clock iced coffee could revive my mind.

Oh, well. Better luck next week.

Till then, hope you all have a fabulous God-Filled weekend...........


  1. LOL!! You need to exercise your "memory button." That's when you get up out of your seat and go into another room to do something. You get into that room, can't remember what you went there to do and go back and sit down. As soon as you sit down, you remember what it was you were going to do! Thus...the memory butt-on!!

  2. .
    Can an idea be so ephemeral
    that it can’t be thought
    and a truth so delicate
    that it can’t be taught?

    Will those thoughts that slip away
    find a life and half return someday
    asking questions -- what you will do
    when they come hidden as déjà vu?


  3. LOL, Christy! Sounds very familiar. :)

    Edwina, I love that!!

    Vince, you're such a poet!! :)

  4. BTW, Christy, I've found a solution for those moments. I call my own cell phone number and leave the idea on a message. :)

  5. Edwina lol!

    Vince, great poem! :)

    Missy, I like that idea. I was going to suggest having a pen and paper handy everywhere :)

    Christy, cute blog post anyway :)

  6. I love how you guys always support my silly posts. Thanks so much!

    Edwina, I have done that! And I'm all the time forgetting things. Have to walk back into the room to figure out what it was. Reverse my steps.

    Vince, you are too funny. I also suffer from deja vu from time to time ;)

    Thanks Missy & Eva. Great idea about leaving myself a voicemail. I hadn't thought about that!