Monday, August 1, 2011


Lindi here:

I pulled my latest heroine out of the Avon catalog. Seriously. I mean I had written 5 chapters, had a vague idea in my mind of what she looked like, but then browsing through the Avon book I saw 'her.' Ann. My heroine.
I already had a photo of my hero--Brett Hamilton.

But Ann Thomas kept eluding me. Who would have ever imagined that I would find my girl in the Avon book?

Well, why not? After all Reese W. is an Avon model.

So is Dr. Dreamy-Patrick D.

Who knew Avon was such a happening place? I love their products, and now their images are quite helpful as well.

My story has come to life now that I have my image of Ann. I love being able to look at it while I type. I guess I am such a visual person. It's like she's talking to me. I get an attitude I didn't have before. I get 'looks.' I get smiles and compassion in her eyes.
It's like my story is unfolding before my eyes. I love it when it starts revealing itself like that.
Do photos help you when you're writing? As a reader, do you often get a visual in your mind of what the character looks like?

Since this is like a fun blog day I'll let you in on some fun news.

On Wednesday make sure to visit Casey Herringshaw's Blog.I am a guest on her blog that day and there's a Her Best Catch book giveaway happening.

Have a fun Monday!!

Photos courtesy of Google Images.


  1. Lindi, Good looking characters! Glad your story has revved up. It is always wonderful when it takes off like that!

  2. I do have fun finding my characters in photos! I need to do that on my current proposal. i bet it would help!

    BTW, I love that doc from Off the Map! I really enjoyed that show, but did I hear it got cancelled?

    Love your Avon gal too!

  3. Avon sure has changed over the years :)

  4. Christy,
    My Ann has your hair--beautiful! (I should have used your pic!)

  5. Missy,
    Yes, off the map got cancelled, but the doc is in a new show. I forget what where when and all that, but I think it debuts in the fall.

  6. Eva,
    Avon is certainly current and keeping up with what's going on. I love the picture of Reese.