Monday, August 15, 2011

Hey Baby

Lindi here.
Okay, so this post is a couple weeks late. Maybe.
It was inspired while watching After The Rose with Ashley and JP. If you watched it did you notice how she called him baby a couple of times?

I love that!

I had a critique partner once who hated when a guy called a girl baby. I had my hero in my book doing that and it drove her nuts.

What about you?

Do you like the use of the word baby in a romantic relationship?
What about in novels?


  1. I like the use of 'baby' and I really like 'babe' even though I know that term offends some women for some reason. If we are careful how it's used - setting, tone of voice, etc - it can be a very endearing term. JMO...

  2. I have mixed feelings about it. Depends on the character or person and the situation. I admit, I kind of made fun of Ashley when she did it. :) But I eventually came to realize how much she cared about J.P.

    I guess in books, as long as I feel like they're really close and bonded, and if it fits the character, then it's fine.

    I do like nicknames and endearments in stories. And I like when they share inside jokes even better.

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  4. Speaking as a reader I like it when characters make up their own nicknames for each other that means something special to them. Lindi, you did a good job of that in Her Best Catch. However I also just read a book where the hero nicknamed the heroine something based on his feelings toward her, but by the end of the book he didn't use that nickname anymore and just called her some generic one. I think if the author carried the nickname to the end it would have made the book that much sweeter.

  5. Like Missy, I have mixed feelings about it. If it's a term that I know is reserved for me only, then I'm okay with it. Or, in a novel, if it's again reserved for that one person or maybe just comes out naturally at some point. But a guy, or gal, who calls everybody baby? No thank you.