Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm Now One of THOSE Mothers

Missy, here. And I admit it. I'm one of those mothers. The ones I used to listen to and think, Oh, I'll never do that!

Yes, I'm now a mother who's chomping at the bit for school to start again. :)

When my children were young, I just loved having them home for the summer. But now that they're older, they start getting bored by the end of the summer. Either that, or they're in panic mode about finishing up summer assignments and get ill-tempered. Since I'm a mom who works at home, it makes productivity difficult.

So yes, I'm more than ready to send them back to school. It's an exciting time. My middle son will be a junior. And my "baby" is entering high school! Unbelievably, my oldest will be a senior in college. Time flies by way too quickly.

And I can promise you once they've been in school about three days, I'll be sitting here missing having them nearby, wishing it were still summer.

Funny how life goes like that.

Do you ever find you wish for something, only to realize that maybe you had it good already?


  1. I know the feeling.

    Be careful what you wish for
    you just might get it;
    as for ‘the grass is
    always greener’
    if you think that,
    just forget it.

    Curiosity killed the cat:
    forbidden fruit and all that,
    sour grapes and garden snakes,
    ever since Eve: the same mistakes.

    But over the hill
    we’ll continue to go
    rushing to meet
    the devil we don’t know.

  2. Yep, Vince! :)

    Well, we had open house, and I managed to get through without embarrassing my children too badly. Unlike when we went to register--when I tripped and fell up the steps. :)

  3. Oh Missy! Hugs :)

    Vince, that poem is very true.

    My mother inlaw watches our kids during the summer and she also watches another set of her grandchildren about the same age. the oldest, school age children have been squabbling all summer. MIL has been looking forward to them starting school, but now as Monday approaches, she knows she will miss them! You're not alone, Missy!