Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rainy Day in an Ark

Angie here: Garage sale season found me cleaning out my home to sell things for both profit and a sense of organization. But I found something I wasn't willing to let go of because the memories are precious.

Get On Board Children, a musical on an album about Noah's Ark

When I was younger, 12, our church youth group/choir produced a musical and then went to a recording studio. We created this album and sold it! I still have the songs jump into my head to this day from 1976. Great memories surface when I least expect them.

Now I sing some of the songs to my grandsons. But what's amazing to me is the ministry God had in store for me from the music of my junior high years. When I see rainbows, I'll often hear the lyrics from the album. "A rainbow, a rainbow. The promise of God's love..." When it rains outside, I hear the funny song, "Oh what do you do...on a rainy an ark!"

My heart is lighter holding on to this simple possession. But the funnier thing is that I didn't even know I had it. The album was mixed in with boxes of my mother's things. I went through them after she passed away and stumbled on Get On Board, Children! I didn't remember much about it. As I flipped it over, I discovered I'd had a speaking part on the album too. My goodness, so many times the Lord has spoken to me through that experience as a child and I didn't remember the majority of the details. But He brought out that music in some pretty tough times through my life. He kept reminding me of His love and presence through ditties I memorized in my youth.

When you're concerned about your children and grandchildren, get involved in creating memories. Then trust the Lord will bring them to mind as they trudge through their life. They won't always know why they make certain "good" choices, they won't remember all the details. But if you've helped to fill the mind and heart of a child with great instruction through song and love, it will matter later. I know the music from this album still resonates with me in difficult times. And it's not all that incredible. It's just music that God knew I needed hidden in my heart for the future. Hymns, children's songs, Psalms all come back to minister when most needed. Help the little ones hide the Word of God in their hearts. Then trust God to bring it back when it's most needed. He will.

Do you have a spotty memory of the details?
Do you have a possession that you realize matters?
What childhood songs still resonate with you?


  1. Angie, when I was a youth group counselor, our kids went on a choir tour, taking their music to other churches. They also recorded an album. I still love to pull that out and listen! I chaperoned the tour and learned all the words and music just listening. What fun! I'll have to go pull it out. :)

  2. Cool album Angie!

    I still remember competing in a children's choir and all the practices, those songs still echo in my head especially On Eagles Wings
    Written by Michael Joncas. Good memories :)

  3. Oh boy, I missed these comments when my blackberry committed harikari. Sigh.

    How cool that you both did recordings too! This makes me think we should record our own new

  4. I worked with children's choirs in St. Louis way back like 35 or so years ago, and we did this musical, complete with a real ark! I did take director's liberties, and instead of taking stuffed animals to resemble the animals in the song, our kids took pets on with them - 2 puppies with soft, warm fur, 2 rabbits a him, a her, two gerbils, etc. and yes, two turtles - I think they'll make it yet! Wish I could find one of the books and LPs of this again!


  5. Hi Carol,
    I wish we really had great children's programs like we did back then. So many were involved. Now it seems too many other programs get in the way of a great kids musical or play. But this one brings back such fond memories. I'm so glad to share them with you. And you had a real ark and animals! How cool is that???

  6. Do you know where I could get this album? I've been looking for it all over!

  7. Hi Keisha,
    I wish I could tell you. This album is the only one I have because it was recorded by our church. Give me a minute to look at the copyright and I'll be right back.

  8. Hi again, Keisha,

    (And by the way, sorry I couldn't get back with you sooner. I was out at my niece's Madrigal Dinner.)

    So the information on the back of my Get On Board, Children album is:
    Tempo Records, Inc
    1900 2. 47th Place
    Mission, KS 66205
    copyright 1976 by Lillenas Publishing Co.
    Written by Janette Smart, Music by Terry Camsey

    This particular copy is my keepsake for singing on the album with my youth choir from Village Baptist Church in Northglenn, CO.

    I hope that helps.
    Merry Christmas,

  9. Wow! What great memories this brings back! As a child I attended a small Lutheran School in Wisconsin and we performed this musical in about 1980. For years I have had "Oh what do you do on a rainy day in an ark?" going through my head. I enjoyed reading this blog as I never knew much about the history of this little play. I was online tonight trying to find out if anyone else remembers this play and I guess I'm not the only one who has great memories. The school I attended was very small (about 50 kids, grades K-8) so the entire school was involved in this production and I remember everyone really enjoyed it. I think this play is where I got my first taste of theatre, because I went on to perform in countless productions throughout high school, college and beyond. So thank you for writing the play in the first place! I'm very glad I came across this wonderful website and I will be a regular visitor at Faith Girls.

  10. I didn't write it, but I did get to perform on the album for it as a child, Jennifer :) I have great memories of it too. I think we need to bring back things like this and enrich our children through the arts.

  11. My class performed what I think was this musical around 1990 at Marymount school in Paris, France.

    The two parts I still remember well were singing "What do you do..." and the time a classmate passed out singing "Rainbow" in practice (heat and standing too long where to blame, he was fine afterwards).

    I hadn't thought to Google it until now; thanks for adding to the story.

  12. Poor kiddo to pass out. I still sing some of these songs to my grand children now.