Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Reflective Memory

Angie here:

A recent conversation spurred on a challenge. Do you remember your childhood in detail?

Will he have a reflective memory or one all to himself?

Three of us talked about having vibrant memories of some things, but non-existent of others. Chunks of childhood or younger life seems locked away from even our own prying eyes. In fact, all three of us admitted that we'd been told about significant childhood details only to have absolute, total non-recall.

I think about my grandsons and pray that I can impress enough memory on them to be remembered and to share a bond with them. But it's scary to think we can't even keep childhood, daily memories around forever.

I have flashes of certain moments, but not a clear, compelling day-by-day memory. I sure enjoy hearing stories about what I did after-the-fact though. For pity's sake, they're pretty funny and new all over again!

I also recently read that caffeine is being examined for its ability to help refocus the mind and energize us in this highly electronic world.

So do you remember your childhood?

Do you drink caffeine?

Angie is teaching at two conferences in August:
The Catholic Writers Conference (and she will sit in a booth for signings and book sales when not teaching.) Runs Aug 3-5

GPCWC Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference


  1. Angie, My oldest memory is when I was about 5 or 6 and had decided to runaway. I got as far as the end of my driveway and either my mom or my grandmother told me to come back. Sometimes, i think I can remember being a toddler and staying with my dad one evening, but that's pushing it. It may have been something I made up.

    I do drink coffee. I love the stuff, but try and limit myself to 2-3 cups a day (LOL< probably more than I need) So did you mean caffeine is good? I do feel it helps me refocus, but I probably should be drinking herbal tea instead.

    Love the photo of your grandbaby. He and William would have a blast climbing on everything together :0)

  2. Angie--I don't remember much. I think the first memory I have is when I was 3 or 4. But a lot of stuff from that time is non-existent. Like you, I do like to hear the stories--although how can we tell if they're true?
    I love coffee-so I'm caffeined in the morning. I usually don't drink much caffeine later in the day.

  3. I don't remember much at all before kindergarten. Just little bits and snatches.

    Photos are a great way to remember. Sometimes I wonder if most of my memories might be the ones in photo albums. :)

  4. Coffee lovers unite! We all will be better for it ;-)