Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's Normal?

Angie here: Laughing about the word "normal". I don't think it belongs in our language anymore. I've been out there looking for it, see? (Yes, that's me standing on a mountain looking off into the distance for "normal".)
Jeremiah 6:16--The Lord says, "Stand at the cross-roads and look for the ancient (My) way. It doesn't feel normal to you anymore, but I'll lead you in it and you'll find peace, but you wouldn't do it." (Angie's paraphrase.)
So I said, "Okay, God. I'm ready for you to lead me. I'm not going to be like those silly wilderness people."

And He said, "Finally, now we can get back to normal." He chuckled. I wondered why He chuckled, but whatever, He's God and all.

And I said, "I'm watching, what's that look like?"

And He said, "I didn't say your normal, I said My normal."

And I didn't understand. I thought He meant I'd feel normal, see things I recognized, understand and maybe even feel a little bored. I did catch a hint of His smile again.

And God laughed. "My normal is full of miracles. Do you want Mine or yours?"

And I stammered, "Uh, Yours is good. I'm watching..."


  1. Love it!! I am so ready for God's normal!

  2. He just surprised me again this morning! I received an email from a project I thought was long gone last year. It revived and I am overjoyed! God knew when I'd really need it versus just wanted it. I really, truly thought it was forgotten. Wow!

  3. What a great post! Thanks, Angie. :)