Monday, September 19, 2011

Confession Time--Again!!!

Lindi here. And yes, I know we had the confessions of a critique group posts back in June, but something in me feels the need to confess something else. It's kind of crazy! Kind of along the lines of what inspires you. But again, this is a little out there and I'm not sure what you're going to think about it.
Anyone's who's read my book Her Best Catch, knows my hero's name is Ashton. And yes, I am a fan of Ashton Kutcher--but the book was not about him. I just liked the name.I actually was going to name my son Ashton if he was a girl, because in 1986 when I had my son I had only heard of the name Ashton for a girl. Anyway, I'm getting way off track.


Okay, back on.

When my hubby and I turn in for the night we turn on the TV--we've been watching The Nanny--forever!! (Yes, my hubby puts up with a lot!! But I love that show!)
Well, they took The Nanny off---so we've been watching a lot of that 70's show--another show I never watched while it was running, but the reruns are somewhat cute and entertaining. Ashton K. is crazy in the show.

But, and here comes the inspiring part--watch this--it's only 32 seconds!!

What part of that is inspiring? I love Ashton's voice!! At the end, Hello Wisconsin! I love that part. I mean, I think I could listen to it over and over. (Now, if you stopped watching and listening you'll have to do it all over again!)

So maybe that's what I've been fascinated with all these years regarding Ashton. I mean, sure he's cute, but cute is cute. Then there's that voice.

I'm counting on you not to leave me hanging here. Please comment on something crazy that that inspires you---or that you like---or love---something!!!


  1. LOL, Lindi.... That 70s Show was one of my favorites when it was on tv. They were all so crazy!

    I don't know of anything crazy that inspires me, except when I'm doing housework, sometimes I will have good ideas at that time. That's kind of weird...

  2. Christy-Ha--maybe you're a little relaxed doing housework--I find that's when I get a lot of my ideas--is when I'm relaxed.

  3. I get inspired by humor. It seems to clear my head and when I laugh the hardest, I seem the most creative :-)

  4. Don't you love it when TV shows have great theme songs? I do :) I could list a whole bunch. I just hope they get back to making them instead of just musical jingles. They're fun.

  5. Ang--Interesting about humor inspiring you. That's very cool!

  6. Eva--Yes, I agree. And like I said I never watched the show until the reruns. I'm always a little behind!

  7. I love that show! Have only seen reruns. Didn't ever see the original. But since I graduated from high school ins 1980, the show really cracks me up. I can remember those clothes and that hair! LOL

    I get inspired by classical music. And I think I'm just about the only one I know who does! :)

  8. Missy, I love classical music played on the piano--I can't say I have been inspired by it--but I might try it. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Classical music is so beautiful!!

  9. I never have watched Gray's Anatomy, but I loved the theme song they had for so long - The Fray - Love them! Music inspires me, definitely!

  10. Christy--I think music is fabulously inspiring. I listened to DCrowder Band--Remedy Cd while I was writing Summer Song.