Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Do you remember your first kiss?

Angie here:

I asked my hubby if he remembered our first kiss. He had an answer that completely surprised me.

He laughed. "Of course, you almost slapped me!"

"No I didn't."

"Okay, but you did duck." His eyes twinkled. I love the crinkle lines around his smiling eyes.

Yes, yes I did duck. He had his arm up on the wall and leaned in for a kiss as I walked in his front door. We'd only met three times before that "date". I ducked under his arm and ran away from him. I ended up cornered in his kitchen looking like one of the does caught eating our hay.

He'd invited me (his new insurance agent) up to ride his horse. He only had one. I thought I was taking Chief out for a solo ride because I talked about past riding lessons at one of our meetings.

Chief sneaks in the backyard.jpg

Mike was super sweet to my single mom skittish. When he realized I had a different expectation, he suggested we just go for a hike. The mountains are gorgeous and very close. So we hiked up to the top of the one facing his home. Gorgeous view and an awesome first date that I didn't know was a date, lol.
The mountain.jpg

He did manage one very romantic smooch on top of a mountain after we hiked together that afternoon. It felt like we were on top of the world. (Okay, at 4,400 feet I guess that's not quite the top, but it sure felt that way.) We sat on an overhang looking down into the valley. The landscape quilt below was gorgeous and the sky around us deep blue, hot and sunny. He put his arm around me as we celebrated our successful climb. I looked up and smiled into his eyes. He swooped down and stole that kiss. Sunshine, blue sky, the world at our feet. What could be more romantic?

That's the kiss I remember. But how funny that the missed kiss is the one he remembers. By the way, the hike morphed into dinner and our date lasted 9 hours!

When I later asked him why he tried for that infamous missed kiss, he said, "It seemed like a good idea at the time." Uh huh. Must have been since that missed kiss launched us into a relationship that's lasted over 15 years. We've been married 13 1/2.

So ask your sweetheart and come back to share. Do they remember your first kiss the way you remember it? Tell us both sides ;)


  1. My other half is out of town, but I remember our first kiss as very sweet. It was after our 3rd date? Very different mentality than I was used to. :)

  2. How cute Angie! And Lindi that is sweet! Our first kiss was sweet as well :) We both remember it perfectly :) Thanks for the fun homework :)

  3. Lindi, I hope you'll come back and share when your hubby comes home :-)

    Eva, how funny to call it homework, lol. But when we talked about it, we did end up having a really nice night of warm chatter. I think those memories really help to continue the bond with our spouses.

  4. Okay, Angie, long time no see, huh? Yes, I'm responding a day late, but I couldn't resist saying how cute your story was. And the picture of you two is adorable.

    Our first kiss? Don't really remember the details of one specific kiss (it's been 23 yrs. and 3 kids ago), but I do remember that he would always chew spearmint Freshen Up gum (anyone remember that gum?). To this day I like the taste of spearmint best out of all the other mint flavors.

  5. Hey Dianna!
    So does your hubby remember??

    It's really funny how we relate certain tastes and smells to special feelings.


  6. When I asked him if he remembered our first kiss, he looked at me as if I was crazy and said, "Aren't you supposed to be writing?" LOL. Men, can't live without them.

    And, yes, those senses make memories come alive. I try to remember that while I'm writing, but still struggle with forgetting it.

  7. Roflol, that sounds like something that would happen at my house, especially if there's a ball game on TV and he wants to avoid a long chat ;)