Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day!

Lindi here.

I get the Monday Labor Day post. I hope every one is enjoying their day. We here in the Atlanta are supposed to be bombarded with rain from hurricane Lee. How about your area?
What are you doing this Labor Day? Relaxing from labor I hope!! Let us know. I'll be checking in.


  1. Hi Lindi,
    Happy Labor Day! :)
    I'll be working. The manuscript I'm editing is due by week's end and I have to complete it sooner because I'm going out of town.

    Had planned to grill burgers, but may be grilling under the broiler if the weather report is accurate.

    Have a great and safe Labor Day!

  2. Edwina--Edits--Love them. :)

    We did the grill thing yesterday--we didn't get much rain up here so we were good.
    Plan to eat leftovers today.
    Happy editing today.

  3. Ended up working most of the weekend because it was so quiet! :)

    Now we're having blessed rain! I'm just glad the worst storms are past.

  4. Hi Missy,
    Me too. We just now got our power on. But there is a lot of damage up here on Hwy 5. About 2 miles from our house. A ton of trees down and debris is thrown everywhere.