Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Time Saver Tips Do You Have?

Angie here:
What time savers help you get through the day?

Time Saver.jpg
I've been working on my efficiency. In order to get more done, more items off my to-do list. Since I work 3 afternoons a week as an exercise coach, I've even started planning meals in advance that are simple heat up ideas. Last week we tried 3 different flavors of sukiyaki. (Okay, no, I don't tend to make the same type of food all the time. But having a new hot pot made it too fun not to try all sorts of different ideas.) Often I'll make a one pot dish like stews, soups, baked casseroles, or chicken enchiladas. Left overs are awesome and people can eat any time.

We have another relationship help though. My husband will eat a large salad and wait for me to get home from the gym to eat the dinner. I tend to eat a protein bar on the go to get me through. It's healthy for both of us while even healthier for our marriage to spend that time together with a meal.

One of my cleaning tips is run through the house with one type of cleaner. Clean anything that one cleaner can handle. So today I had an all-purpose bathroom cleaner. Anything ceramic or hard surface sparkles now :-) I have to admit it keeps me from being bored too. I'm not the systematic kind. Change keeps me interested.

But I'm really looking forward to hearing from you. What common ideas, habits, helpful hints do you have to make your day more efficient? It can be kitchen, cleaning, business, writing, travel...anything.


  1. Well, I record my favorite shows so I can watch them when I actually have time! At work, I use Outlook to task everything and create a schedule off of that. It really helps when you are multitasking all over the place.

  2. SR, you sound similar to what I do. I DVR shows to watch at night after I'm through being creative for the day.

    And I keep a calendar. I couldn't live without my calendar! I'm more efficient if I know what's going to happen on a particular day. It frees me up so I don't worry.

    Another thing I do is save housework for when I need to get up and move around for a while (like if I'm getting tired of sitting or sleepy). For example, I eat breakfast and have my coffee. Jump in to work. Then a while later, I get up to move around and take care of the breakfast dishes. Later in the morning if I'm getting stiff from sitting so long, I'll get up and let the dogs out, make some tea and start a load of laundry.

    I try to do my chores in clusters that fit in my writing schedule. The writing comes first! :)

  3. I do that too! I DVR my favorite shows and then like to walk on my treadmill and watch them. Lately my hubby and I have been popping some popcorn and enjoying a few together too. We almost never watch a show when it's on TV. The commercials are too much of a waste of time for us.

    I'm also learning to use my Iphone as a tool to schedule things with reminders. I like that a lot. I did it with my blackberry, but the Iphone is much nicer.

  4. I find I am much more efficient when I've had a good night's rest. The right amount of energy counts for a lot :)

  5. Angie, I like your tip of taking the cleaner and hitting all the rooms that you can use the product with. Good idea. And if I'm EVER home/working/writing, I tend to do as Missy said, write/work first and do the housework when I need a break.

    And Eva, you're right, rest is the most important!