Monday, October 17, 2011

Christy's Writing Challenge

Lindi here. Happy Monday, right?

Yes, the title has Christy's name in it. And yes, it's Lindi posting. Lindi is posting about Christy's writing challenge.

Every so often Christy posts a writing challenge on her blog At Split Ends.

I love it when Christy does this. Whoever participates checks in periodically stating how many words they've written, or revised, or brainstormed. It doesn't matter what stage you're in, the writing challenge is for you.

The thing for me is I love the interaction and encouragement. I love seeing what others are accomplishing. I don't think I turn it into a competition--it doesn't feel like it. It feels like hanging around a group of people who want the same thing--in this instance a completed novel.

Christy's writing challenge makes me want to write. Now you may be thinking this is a problem if I have to have a writing challenge to write. The truth? There are times when the words are flowing and the chapters are getting written in an unbelievable way. But then there are times, like now, when writing words on the paper is tough. And it's time like these the writing challenge is especially helpful.

Here's a picture of 3 of the Challenge Girls--Christy, Dianna, and Lindi.

If you're working on a novel, think about joining Christy's Writing Challenge. Click her blog link up above and join the fun!!


  1. Lindi- I love Christy's writing challenges too. And, we definitely want anyone to join us who needs a jolt of accountability.

    Knowing there are others looking for your progress and cheering you on makes a big difference to me. Writing is so solitary, but this is a great way to connect.

    Christy- keep it up!

  2. Aww, shucks! Thanks Lindi! (I'm blushing. My cheeks are the color of a nice juicy red, tomato!)

    I'm so glad you ladies support me in this journey. I've found it helps to share my progress, or lack thereof, because if I have to post it, then I'm going to be more willing to write something down.

    So come one, come all!

  3. Dianna--well said! I like knowing people are cheering me on, too!

  4. Christy--written like a true author! :) Yes, and my posting this morning that I got nothing written because I overslept will be not a good thing for me!! But I"ll post it. :)

  5. This is a great idea! I'm headed to Christy's site now!!

  6. Edwina--You'll love it! Head on over. Look forward to being in the challenge with you!

  7. I wish you lots of success!! Sounds like a great idea. I've taken part in one and loved it!