Friday, October 14, 2011

A Few of my Favorite Things

Christy here!  It's Friday and I thought we'd chat about a few of our favorite things. I'll list mine, then you all come back and share a few of your favorite things... On Sunday, I'll throw all your names in my prize box and some lucky winner will receive a $10 gift card + one of my favorite things ;)

1) Nutella! It's gooey and oh so chocolatey!

2) Walt Disney World ~ It's the happiest place on earth - No kidding!

3) A simple bound/small journal/notebook.... I have a large purse and I like to carry a notebook or blank journal with me to church, to work, anywhere, so that when an idea strikes I can jot it down. I stopped trying to have a journal for church, for book ideas and now write everything in one. I found if I'm stuck with a story, I can read some of my notes taken at church and be inspired!

4) Coffee - Need I say more?

5) Anything Lancome!

6) Seekerville - this group of writers really gives back to all of us. They are in the mode of teaching and share what they've learned along their journey.

7) Mechanical pencils and Sticky notes - because you never know when you may need them.

8) Vaseline - Cheap/Economical & it solves many problems

9) Huggies Nighttime Diapers - Because these diapers don't leak at night! Test them on your child.

10) 15 minute walk - A great stress reducer and helps clear the mind. It rejuvenates and refreshes. Try it!

11) McDonald's Vanilla Iced Coffee - I can thank my husband for getting me hooked on these. They're cold, they're sweet and they're laced with caffeine. The perfect mid afternoon treat to recharge your day. Warning - these things are 7 weight watchers points! Plan accordingly!!!

Now, it's your turn...


  1. Okay--so I have a lot of favorite things.
    Cheese dip and frozen pizza are topping the list today! (Not that I'll eat either one of them today, but still!)
    And I love my kitties!!

  2. Oh, I forgot to add a Christy LaShea writing challenge which is going on now--that's one of my favorite things!

  3. Guess my favorite is reading Christian fiction!!! Have read Lindi, Angela, Missy and others!
    As to food..the cooler days in GA make me eat more potato soup topped with cheese and sour cream..mmmmmm.

  4. Christy, we share some of the same favorites! :)

    Mechanical pencils and sticky notes.
    Colored pens (purple!)
    Beth Moore Bible studies
    My Keurig coffee maker and extra bold coffee
    Snuggling with my daughter to watch TV (and my son if I can ever get him to do it). :)
    Movies with friends
    Date night with hubby
    Eating out--from fast food to nice as long as I'm not cooking! :)
    Biscoff spread (try it! It's better than Nutella in my book)
    Makeup--any brand, all kinds! Just love girly things.
    Eating outside on my deck (just had lunch there!)

  5. Cats! miniature horses & dogs
    Peppermint mochas
    That Jackie has read me!!
    The feeling of freedom when a bill is paid off
    Speaking (conferences, women's retreats, keynote)

    And more than anything, kissing on my children and grandchildren when they'll slow down and give me a hug and kiss

  6. Well, I guess I can contribute to this list.

    sleeping late
    diet dr. pepper
    eating out (because I hate cooking)
    technology (love my laptop, my iPod, my nook)
    spending time with my family

  7. I forgot one favorite thing that I look forward to every week:

    4:00 Friday afternoon

  8. I'm with you on the coffee deal!

    Now... it's interesting you included a specific type of writing pad! When it's back to school time, the 70 page spiral notebooks - wide ruled please - are like 10 cents a piece. Each and every time I go into a store, I buy a couple of dollars worth. Because those are my favorite things to write on!

    Pens. Oh boy. I was in love with Rolling Writers and went to some extreme lengths to get them! and now they're not around anymore. Now it's a certain pen that comes in the BOLD shade, so I can actually read it - don't give me the fine, don't give me the medium. Had to special order them the last time!

    My doggy CoCo!

    The fact that I'll be GOING HOME!!! soon!!!

  9. All of your comments have made me smile and some laugh and cheer!

  10. Lindi - thanks for supporting my writing challenge! I love pizza too!

    Jackie - I love potato soup. Haven't made it but that needs to be on my tbc list (to be cooked)

    Missy - love that we have a lot in common! Amazing how many of us don't like to cook, LOL.

    Dianna - LOL on the time. I think we working girls all look forward to that too!

    Angie - I love that Jackie has read all of you!!! tee-hee!! Awesome. I'm with you - when a bill is gone, I love it and don't want it back.

    Jeannee - the writing pad needs to fit my purse. The good thing about the ones you like is that they will fit in the 1" or larger notebook and you can clamp it into that notebook - especially if you are saving notes in the bound notebook.

  11. LOL, Dianna!! :)

    Jeannee, where's home for you?

  12. Okay, I'll play...better late than never :)

    My most favorite thing is my, my grandbaby...ummm, no my hubby...But grandbaby comes real close :)

  13. LOL Sandra!

    Most of the faith girls played, so I'll leave up the contest a little longer to see if anyone else wants to play ;) Thanks for participating!!!

  14. Christy, nutella on a croissant in hard to beat.

    My faves:

    Oreos and a glass of milk
    Hearing "I love you, Grammy." Or, as oft the case, "I yuv you, Gammy."
    Painting (walls)
    A baby's giggle
    Gotta agree with you on mechanical pencils and sticky notes.