Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kindles and Free Stuff

Lindi here.

Well, I did it. I bought a Kindle. Haven't had too much time to mess with it, what with working all day, having things going on in the evening. Scanning Amazon for free books.
Free books has become a new addiction for me. I find myself spending quite a bit of time perusing Amazon like never before.
I'm not one to download because it's free. If I see a cover or title that interests me I click on the book and read the reviews.
I'm not sure I'm going to read all these books, but hey---they are free and you never know what you are going to find.

Do you have an e-reader? Do you download books for free just because they are free?


  1. No, I don't have a e-reader yet. But my son does, and I borrow his. Like when we were on vacation and I read my whole big bag of books and desperately wanted to read the sequel to The Iron King! :) So I wheeled and dealed and offered to buy him a book if he'd let me borrow his Kindle for the rest of the week. :) Of course, after the fact, he told me I didn't have to buy him a book. He would have let me use it anyway. :)

  2. Lindi, I also take advantage of free books. Just put them on my Kindle for Mac app until I get a reader.

    Also, a side note. At a recent workshop, I learned that the majority of women readers actually own a Nook.

  3. Lindi,

    I have the Kindle app downloaded onto my netbook. It's not much bigger than a Kindle. Works well for me

  4. Missy, fun story about your son--of course he wouldn't make you buy him a book. And that's an interesting fact about women and Nooks. I had my mind set on a Nook for the longest time, but after looking at pricing and different things the Kindle won out.

    Edwina--I have a net book and read a book on it. But for me the whole time I was reading it I kept thinking--I wish I had an E-reader. But you're right--the netbook isn't much bigger and you can read it easily.
    I think it was a mental thing for me. :)