Monday, October 10, 2011

Missing Posts and Conference Chatter

Lindi here.
First I'll apologize for not posting last Monday. And I'll just leave it at that because all my crazy reasons for not posting wouldn't be very interesting to you. I promise!

Having said that last weekend I did attend the Moonlight and Magnolia's 'The Course of True Love' conference in Decatur, Ga. It was held by the Georgia Romance Writers which Missy, Christy and I are members of. This is a great group of people who know how to put on a conference.
They always offer a variety of workshops--and they have a big dance party on Saturday night.
To me, writers conferences are a necessity in a writer's life. We do this thing, this writing thing, behind a computer, Ipad--whatever you are using. It's usually a pretty solitary event. Our books are constantly stewing around in our minds, causing us to be at a great disadvantage when it comes to conversing with 'real' people. :) I mean, really, we have to be multi-taskers to hold all these conversations, don't we?
Conferences and meetings are a great way to interact with people who have the same passion for what we do.
I know the ACFW conference was a couple of weeks ago. I've read so many great blog posts on how awesome that conference was.
If you are a writer, and you've never been to a conference, save some cashola---some vacay time---and some sleep--('cause you don't get much of that at conference!) and plan to go to one. Make 2012 your year to conference!
What conferences have you been to lately? Or if you haven't been tell us some you would like to go to.

Oh, and now I'm doing some shameless personal blog promoting! I'm starting a new "thing" on Mondays. Unwritten-Encourage the Journey. Click HERE to check it out! (Please, check it out!)


  1. Great idea on your blog, Lindi!

    As for conferences, I've been to RWA and M&M this year. Both were great!

  2. Missy--yes NY for RWA. I know that was awesome. And since you're my roomy I know we both had fun at M&M.

  3. I did check it out.......very nice!
    I'll try to visit often.