Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another Quick Meal!

Missy, here. Since Angie mentioned quick meals for any of you who are taking part in National Novel Writing Month, I thought I'd share one of my favorite lunches, a turkey wrap. I eat it several times a week! It's colorful and very healthy.

I shared the recipe and photos on another of my blogs, The Yankee-Belle Cafe. So I'll give you a link to hop over there for the recipe. I hope you enjoy it! (Click here to see the recipe.)

What's your favorite quick meal for a day when you're busy?


  1. I made lasagna over the weekend and froze the leftovers into one piece servings.
    I also like sandwiches, so those are always quick to put together.

  2. I do taquitos. The frozen kind. Whip up some sour cream, salsa and shredded cheese for dipping. This is not at all healthy, but tasty. Salads are also quick, and much healthier meals!

  3. Your wrap looks yummy Missy!
    Lindi, I freeze all sorts of things too.
    Christy, I've never heard of Taquitos :) but they do sound good :)
    I do pasta and meals in the oven that I don't have to watch over :)

  4. Lindi, I should do more freezing. I usually just eat leftovers for a week--which gets really old! :)

    Christy, I love taquitos!

    Eva, I love to make easy pastas, too. I made two new pasta recipes just this week. Loved both of them.

  5. Fortunately my family doesn't mind eating left overs. So I will cook enough for two meals. I'll either serve the leftovers the next night - or freeze them and serve them a week or two later.

  6. Edwina, my hubby is great about eating leftovers. The kids? Not so great. They're rather pop in a frozen pizza. :)