Monday, November 21, 2011

Did I Notice Your Book?

Lindi here:

Every week author Ciara Knight hosts a fun deal on her blog. It's called Did I Notice Your Book? She picks a book with a great cover and interesting blurb. A lot of times it's a debut author--it's never a bestselling author. She posts the book cover, a blurb and the reason she chose the book. Then she sees if the author notices that Ciara has highlighted her book. It goes out on Twitter, FB and all other types of social media. It's fun to follow along and see if the author does come over and make a comment.

Next week, on Thursday December 1st, Ciara is hosting a Did I Notice Your Book blog hop. Christy and I are participating. I have the sweet romance category and Christy has the Inspirational Category. It should be lots of fun. Make sure you guys check out Ciara's blog and the other blogs like Christy's and mine that are participating.

Ciara has been a great friend to me in so many ways. She really is a great marketer and I've learned so much from her.

What kind of fun blog things have you guys heard of or done?


  1. Thanks, Lynda. It is fun! And it's a great way to discover books you might not have ever run across.

  2. And hey, we'll get to see if Ciara gets word of being mentioned on our blog today! :)

    BTW, Google Alerts are a fantastic way to keep up with what's being said about us and our books online. Whenever I get one, I try to stop by and thank them for mentioning me.

  3. I'll have to look for that Blog Hop, Lindi. I'm sure you ladies will have as much fun as your visitors.

    Heading over to Ciara's blog now...will add to my favorites list. :)

  4. Yes, will Ciara come and visit?

    Dianna--she always has something fun and entertaining going on.