Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Decorating

Missy, here. I know some of you (Mindy jumps first to my mind) are big on decorating. I'm not much of a decorator. Everything around our house is functional and lived in. But I enjoy doing a bit outside. Like pumpkins on the porch And flowers in my flower pots. I like to do mums or pansies, although I still haven't planted anything for fall.

This year, I grabbed up a beautiful wreath at Michael's when I saw them half price. I just love it! It has sunflowers and pine cones and berries. And gorgeous orange ribbon. I thought I'd share it with you.

Are you a decorator? Do you go all out for fall or Thanksgiving? (We can talk Christmas later.) :)


  1. These are beautiful Missy!

    I would like to decorate, but I haven't figured out how to do it well on a budget :(

  2. Love it, Missy! Christmas was main time I decorated. However, when we downsized 3 yrs. ago and moved to country, I got rid of most "stuff" and only kept a small tree...thinking oh now, we will always go to daughter's for Christmas anyway. WELL, last year with hub's heart attack/surgery in Nov....we could not travel. Sweet daughter just bought all the "stuff", brought it here and decorated for me!!

  3. I love to decorate for all seasons. For fall, I have a wreath on the front door and pumpkins on the steps. I have a fall tablecloth and napkins on my kitchen table and a fall centerpiece on the coffee table in the family room. Also fall colored candles throughout the house. When November arrives, I set my pilgrim salt & pepper shakers (the cute ones from Publix)on the kitchen tables. (You think this is lot? Just wait till you ask about Christmas. It takes almost 3 days to decorate my house.)m