Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Freelancing Fun

Angie here: Often I hear people say they don't know how to move toward their goals. After thinking about my goals of writing, I started responding "writers write" because gaining experience whether volunteering or in paid work within the field of your goal enriches and speeds you to reach that dream.

What if you named your goal and then acted on it in a general way to enrich, educate, and grow in the industry of your chosen dream?

Let me explain what "writers write" means to me. My goal is to be a full time writer the rest of my life. I also want to speak. In order to reach those goals, I need constant practice and experience honing my skills. So I choose to practice by writing and speaking on a regular basis. I'll be speaking this weekend at a writers workshop. I've spoken several times a month most of this year. But here's some other things I do to stay working on my writing goals daily.

         Banana Pear Bread Recipe.jpg

The photo goes with a recipe I created and published in the Christian Fiction Online Magazine. It's in Angie's Place, a freelance feature column I write every month. Writing the column helps me meet my goals by practicing my craft as well as continual creativity in non-fiction. I hope to share attitude, lifestyle, and spiritual wisdom.

Blogging is also freelancing fun. We have the opportunity to express our feelings, thoughts, and opinions. Great practice and educational dealing with design and content.

Another place I have some freelancing fun is at because it helps me write in a missional style that supports my belief system. I hope to help others grow spiritually through these articles.

Recently I started writing and selling greeting card verses to Warner Press. This is a completely different style from anything else I do. I've learned to work hard at tuning into the nuances of the buyers. This is very different from the devotionals I've written for Guidepost or The Quiet Hour.

Then of course I write cookbooks, fiction, and non-fiction books too. When I look at the various ways I write, none stand out as more important than the other because each one allows me continual growth, experience, and a voice to bless others. The more I write, the better I get at my craft just like the more a musician practices or a weight builder pumps iron cements their skills.

I also join challenges like Nanowrimo and Book-in-a-Week races. With set goals over short periods of time, emotions and drive kick into gear and productivity becomes exponential. I feel confident that my writing is enriched by the well-rounded experience. It helps me to create fictional characters in fictional worlds when I research in other areas of my writing. I've actually used research from various freelance projects in my fiction AND in my devotionals.

I fully believe that writers write and freelancing is fun.

What goal do you have?

How can you daily grow in education and experience by working in the general arena of your goal?


  1. Great post, Angie. I'm amazed at all the areas you've written (and are writing) in!

    So far, I've only done fiction and blogs. And that's keeping me busy for now! :)

  2. I hope it inspires writers to think about ways to practice the craft too :-)