Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting Ready to Write Your Novel-:)

Lindi here.

Today I'm bringing up the subject of how we get ready to write a novel. But this doesn't have to pertain to just writing a novel. Whenever you start something you usually prepare in some way.

Now, before you think--oh, this is going to be a post about research, I'm here to tell you it's not. Although research is important I'm not speaking about that kind of getting ready.

No, I'm talking about a different kind of preparation. I'm not sure if it's mental prep, or motivational prep, or what. But it's what I do before I write a new novel.

The first thing I do is buy a notebook. Yes, a plain white notebook. 1 inch binder with the three rings so I can add paper. Preferably colored paper. Colored paper and pens are so much fun to use when writing your notes. Right? Oh, and there needs to be a plastic sleeve on the front so you can insert a photo--you know, of your characters or whatever has inspired you to write this novel.

Here's the front of my notebook for my current wip--I've inserted the photo that inspired my story along with a picture of my heroine, Ann.

And here's the colored paper--Love me some color while working.

Here's what I see while I'm working. My inspirational gifts people have given me and a photo of my hero-Brett and heroine--Ann. And really, what other career lets a girl hang up pictures of amazing looking guys on their walls and hubby just knows it 'part of the job?'

So you can see I've done a lot of preparing. It's all visual preparation. That's what gets me motivated and inspired.

Meet my crazy bulletin board. The white paper has the words to Crowder's Trying To Make You Sing--Inspiration for my 2012 release Summer Song. The photo of the blond girl and guy came out of a catalogue. I love their attitude!

There's other things on there as well. Writing awards, writings of others, a photo of the cover of my 2011 release, Her Best Catch, and Britney--of course!

Oh--look!! My heroine-Jenny and hero-Steven from my next novel. No, they don't have their own notebook yet, but they will. When I type the end of my current wip--edit it and send it on to my cp's, then Jenny and Steven will have their own place to call home.

So you see how I prepare to write my novels. How about you? How do you prepare?

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  1. Lindi, Thanks for sharing your modes of preparation.

    I have a couple of visuals in mind for my current characters, but usually don't cut out the photos from the magazines. I can see the worth in doing this though.

    Everything for prep is on my computer. I like the idea of having the notebook for the story so I could take it with me a little easier. I'm not the most organized person in the world and my lack of organization many times leads me to be frustrated with myself! I'll try some of your methods and see how they work for me.

  2. Christy, While I love One Note, I used that for the last book I wrote, I HAVE to have visuals. I couldn't believe the difference when I found my heroine and stuck her picture up there. Now I picture her doing this that, I can picture her facial expressions, her laugh, her smile. So many things. And I love my notebooks. I know it seems like I"m doing things the old fashioned way, but it's all about whatever works, right?

  3. Okay, you're not going to believe this. But I have NEVER seen that colored, lined notebook paper!!! OH MY GOSH. I have to have it!

    Do they make purple?? :)

    I also start with a 3-ring binder--with boring white paper! And all my charts that I like to fill out. :)

    I don't usually look at photos until later. I think I should start sooner, though. I can see how it would really help with your description.

  4. Very interesting, Lindi!!! Thanks for sharing your methods!! I look forward to your next book!!!

  5. Missy, I can't believe you haven't seen the colored paper. I love it! Not sure about purple. I'll check and see. I think I got this at Walmart.

  6. Jackie--thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hey, Lindi, love your paper! I'm like Missy...gotta get me some of that.

    I keep a notebook too, except mine is in OneNote. I color the pages to match the information on the page. I outline. I add visual aides (cut and pasted from the internet mostly). I've found OneNote keeps me from losing stuff, and once you type it in, it's there. There's no save button; the program just automatically saves.

  8. Dianna--I have used One Note--but I guess I don't know all the advantages of it. I'm not sure if it's the touchy-feeling thing I like about the notebook. :) Having a file that won't get lost---now that's appealing!

  9. Dianna, I LOVE One Note. But they don't have it for Mac. I miss it! Although now I use Word (for Mac) notebook view. It lays everything out like One Note but doesn't have all the nifty features like adding links from your website research/cut and paste.

  10. Oh this is funny. I didn't read your post because I have 3 extra shifts this week coaching at the gym. So now you'll see the irony when you read mine tomorrow.

    Love your set up for a book.

  11. Ang--funny, huh? We're all thinking in the same direction.