Monday, November 28, 2011

Influencers and Endorsers

Lindi here.

Have you ever been an influencer? Endorser?

I love doing both!

This is how I got involved. (It's my story--and I'm sticking to it!)

I saw on a loop that influencers were needed for Alice J. Wisler's book Hatteras girl. With a cover like that, who could resist? I hadn't been an influencer before, but I volunteered. Shortly after getting the appropriate people my address I received a copy of the novel in the mail. I read it, liked it, wrote reviews about it, did a blog post about it. And I told people about it. It was fun and I got to read a great book.

So then, on another loop I saw that endorsers were needed for Linda Windsor's second novel in The Brides of Alba series, Thief.

Well, I had read Linda's first novel in the Brides of Alba series, Healer. Absolutely LOVED the book, so I jumped at the chance to be an endorser of the book Thief.

I'm sure you notice the words influencer and endorser are two different words. But I read them to mean the same thing. So I sent an email to the appropriate people and was mortified when I realized that I had requested to be an endorser. Yikes--my novel hadn't even come out yet. But, the next thing I know I received an ARC for Thief! I was thrilled. I read the book then filled out a form and faxed it over with my 'endorsement.' A few months later I received a copy of the book---and it had my endorsement in the front with other authors who had endorsed the novel. I was thrilled!

So, when I saw that Alice J. Wisler needed influencers for her novel, The Wedding Invitation, I jumped at the chance. I mean really, look at this cover! How beautiful and intriguing! (I know I'm overdoing the exclamation points today--just go with it--this is exciting stuff to me!!)

I know the difference between influencer and endorser. I just need to make sure which one I'm signing up for. Now I'm addicted. I love doing both. I get great books to read, from great authors who write them. What's wrong with this picture?


Which brings me to a request--if you are reading this blog, and you haven't read my book, Her Best Catch, and you want to be an influencer, leave your email address in the comments section and I'll send you a book. I appreciate all those who've already read and put up great reviews for Her Best Catch. This business is tough--but if we all help out when and where we can, it's fun and beneficial!

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Lindi P. Happy Endings Are Just The Beginning


  1. How fun to get to help out other writers, Lindi!

  2. i would be honored to be an 'influencer' for your novel, lindi.

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  3. Thanks for clearing that up Lindi! I can see how it would get addicting :) How cool to be an endorser!

  4. Hi Lindi,

    I am an influencer and have been for quite some time. I would love to read your book and write a review!