Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nanowrimo Meal Planning (or) Fast Meals for Busy People

Angie here with Fast meals for Busy People:
When we're in a rush to reach our goals, we need fast meals for busy people. But this month is special for writers all over the word who need Nanowrimo Meal Planning. Here's one quick meal (takes a total of 8 minutes). I'm also including a link to my ebook because it's FULL of fast meals for busy people.

Fast Meals for Busy People
Important note: You can get this in full color for $3.99 on my website or another version, Creative Cooking for Colitis. But on Kindle, Creative Cooking for Colitis is in black and white.

Here's a recipe that does more than one meal and all are super fast.

Spiced Roast Beef.jpg
The Best Spiced Roast Beef Ever!
The easiest, most fabulous roast you will ever, ever (did I say EVER?) eat! I learned it from Diamond Bar Meats in Missoula, MT. I will be ever, ever (did I say EVER?) grateful!!

Spicecraft Prime Steak & Beef Burger Seasoning
(This spice is made in Chicago.)
4-6 pound boneless rib roast

In a baking dish, generously coat the roast completely. I mean totally, completely coat it. Allow roast to set until all spice is saturated, about 15 minutes. Preheat oven to 325º. Bake uncovered for about 2 hours or until 160º with meat thermometer.
What? You thought there was more?

Insider Tip: Coat the roast prior to freezing in a plastic freezer bag. As it thaws, the flavors deepen the final result.
Tip 2: Use left overs for French dip, Beef Orzo, or stroganoff. All recipes found in Creative Cooking for Simple Elegance cookbook.

  Other recipe ideas for left over roast could be red beans and rice, beef stew, or our favorite is to simply eat cold roast beef sandwiches.

To fill out a meal, I microwave baked potatoes and we top them with shredded cheese, non-fat Greek yogurt (because it tastes just like sour cream), and chives. Then I microwave fresh green beans.

All done! 


  1. Yum! Thanks for sharing, Angie! I love beef roasts. :)

  2. Perfect timing. I was just "stewing" over what I was going to throw together for dinner tonight. Thanks.

  3. Ang--sounds great! Every now and then I get cravings for baked potatoes.
    I may have to have one this weekend. :)

  4. This looks delicious Angie!

    I'll have to try the greek yogurt on the potato. I bought that once to eat by itself and I couldn't eat it. You're right, it resembles sour cream, but less fat!

    Good luck with Nano!