Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So You Want to Write A Book?

Angie here:
Sometimes the book we write is something so different than what we think it is. We think the story will race out of our brain onto the page. Mere weeks later, an astonishing tome appears. Uh huh.

So what do you do when you want to write a book, but it doesn't come like magic from your fingers?

My suggestion is to write, brainstorm with friends, write again, and pray for God to inspire you with His message. I think, like me, you'll be surprised at the outcome. And no, it isn't in the first draft.

Yes, we need to love our characters and our story but sometimes I believe it's about the verb (action) of love just like real life. We learn to love our spouse after the "in love" has worn off. We learn to live love as an action.

I've learned writing is the same. I have to act the love to learn the love to have the love and then the love will come. It's dedication and determination. Love will come as a result of the action.

PS It works that way with relationships too.

Do you have an example to share?


  1. Ah, Ang--you read my mind. Last Saturday I had about 3-4 hours to work on my book. Writing was like pulling teeth. It just wouldn't come. But I sat my behind in the chair and chiseled out about 1k in words.
    Like you said--It's dedication and determination. (Craziness!)
    I've been working on something else at the beginning of this week, but tomorrow am it's back at it.

    And I remember our pastor saying "Love isn't a feeling. Love is an action. You just do it."
    Ha- Changed my way of thinking about a lot of things.

  2. It's the same with "where you treasure is, there your heart will be also."

    Do the action. Your heart will follow.

    What we invest ourselves in is where our heart will follow. With writing, we'd like to think it's all fun and inspiration and following our muse. But sometimes it's just plain hard work.

    I know at times I've felt I hated a story at some point. But I work past it and end up loving it (sometimes after fixing it!) :)

    Great post, Angie!

  3. I've never considered the similarity between writing and relationships, but it is similar.

    I've struggled with my current WIP, like Lindi, had a few hours of time but it just wouldn't come. I literally had to tell the scene in a skeleton just to get it out and put something on the page. Nano has been good for me this time in that I'm forcing myself to keep moving. Although, the last two days I haven't been able to write at all. I'm hoping this weekend I can get back to my ridiculously early hours and get more accomplished.