Friday, December 9, 2011

Shout Out to Other Bloggers: Part Two

Christy here and I'm really wishing I'd gotten my act in gear and interviewed some authors to talk about today. But I haven't, so hopefully we'll be spotlighting some authors as we celebrate the new year.

I thought I would piggy back on Lindi's post from Monday. What a great time to wave hello and thank other bloggers for keeping things interesting on the web. I'm going to share a few of the blogs I visit regularly and tell you why:

Julie Garmon's Blog - - Southern Stories of Grit and Grace

I receive Julie's blog posts in my in box. She writes about her family, her friends and acquaintances. She's brought me to tears and made me giggle. Whether Julie is talking about her mom or her best friend, you feel like you're right there with her. A story about folding clothes made me cry, as did the one about her friend who was taking chemo and met another lady, an older lady than Julie's friend, who was taking chemo too, but she was too busy to concentrate on her own sorrow and was trying to liven every one else up. Oh, and that same story mentioned pink, or polka-dot boots. The visual was clear. I could see the boots. I could see those ladies, even through my own tears.

Redwood's Medical Edge - Medical Fact for your Fiction

I've been a fan of Jordyn Redwood's blog for some time now. I'm a lurker, only commenting few and far between. However, I look at this blog as a great source for research. Jordyn blogs about medical procedures from the past as well as present. I believe she once posted about administering CPR. Recently she posted about labor and delivery. She has guest bloggers on quite often who provide their knowledge about everything from nursing to pharmacutical practices. I always take away additional knowledge from Jordyn's blog and that was why I stopped by in the first place.

PJM's Old Picture of the Day -

I don't know PJM other than what he has on his bio that he's from West Texas. What I do know is that PJM shares some awesome, old pictures. Yesterday he posted a picture of New York in 1905.  I ran across this blog in my research and promptly saved it as a favorite. This blogger has over two thousand followers, so you see I'm not the only one interested in yesteryear. Take a look at his photos, and let the photos take you back... oh, what stories could be told!

I invite you to share more of the interesting blogs you visit. Have a great weekend!


  1. Christy,
    These sound like great blogs! I'll check them out.

  2. These are great, Christy! Thanks so much for sharing!

    I love Julie and need to visit her blog more. The others will be really helpful!

  3. I am so glad to get Julie's blog from you. Love her Mom and her writings (have met her) and wanted to know more about Julie. Thanks!!

  4. These blogs sound great Christy, thanks for sharing them!

  5. Thanks so much for the mention of my blog on your site! I'm glad you're finding it helpful and am so thankful for your support here.