Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Spice It Up

Angie here:
Did you know spices are a huge help to your health? Many are being studied for raising metabolism, managing blood sugar (like cinnamon), and lessening inflamation. Going into the Christmas season, we all enjoy lovely treats. Make them a little better for you by raising the amount of spices you use and help your metabolism out.

Pear Banana Bread with triple shot of cinnamon spice  

I love breads, cookies, cakes... 1/2-1 tsp. of some super spices will help us with getting huge servings of antioxidants. Hmm, now I'm not feeling so guilty since I do spice it up with triple the spices in my recipes like Pear Banana Bread, Pumpkin Bread, and a variety of muffins or cookies.

Up the spices and lower the salt. The food will be flavorful and less chance of overdoing the sodium level for fluid retension. So what are some of these super spices?

Cinnamon (helps regulate blood sugar and raise metabolism.)
Red pepper flakes or cayenne (has capsaicin to raise metabolism.)
Ginger (Helps with digestive system and may help lower pain.)
Turmeric (super spice for healing, lowering inflamation, and raising metabolism by breaking up fat.)

Here's a link to a couple of sites about Super Spices for Super Health. One more link for information:
Weightloss for all

Think heat. Some spices will even work with your metabolism for hours after a meal like red pepper flakes or ginger.

How do you spice it up in the kitchen?


  1. nice post! thanks for sharing...blessings soraya

  2. Angie, that bread sounds wonderful!!

    I love spices. And I'm sitting here dying laughing, thinking I must be still losing weight at the moment, my metabolism skyrocket. Because I had a craving last night and tried these new Doritos my daughter picked out. I believe they're spicy sweet chili flavor. Oh my gosh. They burned so bad!! I got choked because it burned so badly. I was coughing like crazy!! LOL It was hilarious. I was afraid I was going to wake the whole house before i could get a drink of something. :)

    So now I'm thinking maybe I just gave myself a boost in metabolism. hehe

  3. Sorry for all the typos. I need to cut my fingernails!

  4. Missy, lol!
    Great post Angie! I didn't know that about cinnamon! Good info!

  5. I'm so glad this post was helpful. And I didn't notice any typos :-)


  6. Soraya, we're so glad you stopped by!